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Romania’s National Day Sales @ Misbits Record Shop!

Misbits Record Shop - National Day Sales

1st of December is a moment of celebration for Romanians as it marks 99 years since The Great Union in 1918. We hate going into geopolitical bullshit (for those of you that would like to dig a little deeper into our history, you can check wikipedia here) yet we are proud of our national values, particularly what happens into the electronic underground 🙂

An underground defined by cultural diversity, filled with folklore and ethnic influeces, born just about a decade ago out of nothing, that had since took the european clubs and festival stages by storm.

As part of this amazing movement, we strive to dig and select the best imprints and artists Romania has to offer. Not an easy job as hundreds of new producers are spendings countless nights crafting beats into their personal studios and then release them into the wild 🙂

So, to properly mark this day, all the releases with Romanian origins are on sale for just 1 day: 1st of December 2017! As usual, stocks are limited so be sure to be the first to reserve your favourite Romanian records.