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Misbits Goes Out To Sunwaves

We think that many of us have been waiting for a little (or not so little) break from our day to day activities.. and the wait is almost over because SUNWAVES Festival is just one week away! Each year, the end of April marks the start of the summer festivals season!

For Romania, this means the spring edition of Sunwaves, where music heads from around the globe gather together for an insane 7 days non-stop party at the seaside where they enjoy hearing what their favourite artist have been cooking up lately 😀

As usual, the SW Team doesn’t dissapoint and has prepared a crazy line-up! From tech-house to minimal to breaks and electro, there’s a day and time for everybody! No matter what electronic music styles suit you, be sure you are in for a treat 🙂

After 15 years and more than 27 editions, the movement is still going strong and we hope that with each passing year, we will be able to create even more great memories together, dancing in the sun and near the waves!

We appreciate all the work they have done to make this happen and we wish them all the best with their future projects ?

This year we thought it would be great to be part of this amazing festival and share our love for vinyl with you.. so we made it happen! If you want to find out more, we advise you keep on reading 😉

Many thanks for the SW Team for this collaboration ? Now, let’s get going with some details so you know what to expect.

The doors of our pop-up shop will open on Friday at 10 AM. You can find us and our record crates until Tuesday. We’ve already gathered a small team to help us these days so you can have plenty of time to come and check out some cool music!

We will be open everyday, but one important thing, closing time will probably be around sundown!

Speaking of music, we have specially prepared some crates for this occassion, with both new and second-hand records. Our stand will have listening stations and we will be more than glad to help you find the electronic music styles you’re looking for 😉

Besides vinyl, we will also be selling slipmats, vinyl care products such as record brushes, covers, sleeves and also some merch – shirts, totebags, books and a few blouses specially made for this occasion. These will be in limited numbers, so first come, first served! When it comes to records, we think there will be enough for everybody, hehe 😀

We are super excited about this and we hope this is exciting news for you aswell! We know that not everyone would have had the time to visit our shop in Bucharest.. so this time, we bring the shop to you 🙂

There’s only a week left until we meet on the beach.. so little time until we get together and create some more amazing memories together! Take care of yourselves and see you very very soon! One love <3

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after nine years… march 2022…

It is said that spring brings with it the renewal of life, everything returns to its original state, only not completely the same as before 🙂

While waiting for the weather to get warmer, we thought of some cool activities we would like to do this month!
Before getting into the subject, we feel like we need to share something with you.

You know us, even when the times are dark, we like to keep up a positive vibe, for only love and positivity help us create a better environment.

These past two years have been hard for all of us, but the past two weeks have been even harder for the people of Ukraine.

We will not get to the political side of this story, we only care about the effect this has on the ordinary people of Ukraine.. people like you, like me.. people like us.
It’s hard to imagine what they must be going through, even though they have no fault in this!

We want to offer our help in any way we can, so we are asking for your help aswell!

If you are willing to donate clothes/food/any other items you think can be useful, you can bring them to our shop and we will make sure they will reach the people who really need them in these difficult times!

We would like to thank you all in advance for your kindness

This being said, let’s move on to what March has in stock for us at Misbits 🙂 We will start the month with a giveaway!!!

You can find more information about this, what you have to do and what is the prize by clicking –> here <–

This year also marks the 9th anniversary of our little shop, so what better way to celebrate it than with a special series of livestreams aaand.. an anniversary party! 😀

Yep, you heard that right 😉

The “after 9 years..” concept is a podcast series, a plan of 4 streams from the shop, one for each week of this month.
You already know the drill.. we bring the amazing artists, they bring the music, all that’s left for you to so is to enjoy <3.

The first stream of the series brings back Cristi Cons to the shop, it has been quite a while since he last played in our cosy spot so you can imagine we are very happy and curious to hear what records he has prepared for us. Our dear shopkeeper Ioana (some of you know her as Miss I) will join him, they will play for a hour and a half each.

If you want to find out more about this event, click –> here <–

This month, nine years ago, Ioana’s dream came into being. The electronic music record store this city much needed finally opened!

Now, after all these years, we believe that we should celebrate our 9th anniversary together! (maybe we’ll make a tradition of this)

We’ve teamed up with Club Guesthouse and we are cooking an event which will take place inside their venue 🙂

We will not say more at this moment, think of this as some kind of teaser.
More information will become available as the event will soon be posted online, you just need to be have a little patience! (it will be worth it.. we promise!)

Also, we have a special announce to make for the 8th of March, which you well know it’s the International Woman’s Day.
The girls will have a special 15% discount on all our products! If there’s someone you know who loves vinyl, this is a great opportunity for a gift 😀

We can’t say for sure this is all we have planned for this month, who knows how many more ideas we might come up with?
For now, we wanted to share our plans with you, anything else that might happen… be sure that we’ll let you know!

Thanks for believing in us, it’s obvious we couldn’t do it without you, but even so, we want you to know we appreciate your support.
We wish you all a happy beginning of the Spring!!!! See you at the shop 😉

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How To Win A Void Acoustics Indigo Home Setup

No need to introduce you to the Void Acoustics world of immersive dancefloor audio. Even if you didn’t know it’s Void, you’ve probably experienced their amazing sound systems at least once in your clubbing life. The Arad based ABC collective present themselves as the sole distributor in Romania. It goes without saying that their Void powered parties became sort of legendary when combined with the ABC signature sound. If you’re not familiar with Always Bring Cash, you should check their brand new digital label on the official bandcamp page.

Until the party season restarts (hopefully soon!), ABC partnered with Void for a sweet contest: you can win a Void Acoustics Indigo Home Cinema Sound by acquiring one of the ABC packages from here: a ticket pack for 3 ABC parties in 2021, worth 119 lei, an ABC T Shirt worth 119 lei or all the above for a cool 189 lei! This way you can upgrade your sound setup at home while offering a much needed support for small underground collectives like ABC, in order to survive these tough times! Hurry up, as the competition closes on the 28th of April!

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Spin Sessions At Misbits Record Shop – Sharpen Your Mixing Skills

We know the thrills of learning how to mix on vinyl. We all went through this at some point. We also know that spending a little fortune on a proper setup (2 decent pickups, monitors and a mixer) is not the best option right now. Not talking about starting to build a decent record collection. We heard your cry for help so we have a plan for you ?

Beginning this month, we are offering a couple hours every week to anyone who wants to take their mixing skills on vinyl to the next level. Each and every one of you will have 2 hours to spend at Misbits, with a pair of Technics SL1200, one Allen & Heath Xone mixer, a pair of headphones and lots of vinyl records just for you (yes, you can choose records from our shop to practice). And yes, there will be some free advices from our team, also 😉 And who knows, maybe you’ll be our guest for the next in-store streaming sessions we plan for this summer!

All you need to do is send us an email to and we’ll get back to you with the available timeslots.

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Six Record Labels To Keep An Eye On

Record Labels

Wondering how’s life at Misbits Record Shop? Well, with no parties around, all we did in the past few weeks was to dig for good music. Like serious digging sessions that sometimes took us days to discover something we reaaaaaally like. And from time to time we had this immense pleasure of discovering record labels with a lot of potential. This type of discoveries pushed us into exploring other areas of electronice music, so don’t be surprized if you’ll stumble upon some 2step grooves or futuristic downtempo. If we love it, we share it ?

So, no more words, let’s get down to the serious stuff. Six record labels worth following, each one of them with its unique vision about what does fine house music sound like. Check them out!

Mint Condition

This label has made a mission out of digging unreleased mixes and forgotten classics and (re)issue them on vinyl. Neat job, right? From deep house evergreens from Herbert to some true UK garage, you’ll find here more than you’ve ever wanted. Speaking of UK Garage, we still have this one in stock


Somewhere in Norway somebody is cooking some dope house music. Quirk is the name and their latest release with the Berlin based duo Foehn & Jerome is soooo good! Watch out for B1 on this release (still available at Misbits).


The label that calls itself Swiftness is what you’re looking for when you are digging for something fresh coming from Romania. Straightforward dancefloor grooves from a not so distant future, available on vinyl here

Mixmode Recordings

No, you cannot go wrong with a record released at Delano Smith’s imprint! Especially if you’re looking for something classic, as we have this one here.

Euphoric State

Presented as a sub-label of Opia Records, all sort of dancefloor bangers with a touch of space music. Their first release is available here

NightFlight Records

Fancy some Belgian minimal house waffles? Look no more, as NightFlight Records delivers it, with some super sweet topping! Cosmic Ray Event might be their biggest release to date, so be sure you grab your copy from here

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Misbits Top 5 Vinyl Chart – November 2019

What’s better than a hot cup of tea sipped on a cold November day, while wearing your favourite fluffy sweatshirt? A good ol’ session of crate digging through records filled with some fine cuts of electronic music. At least for us, the people in love with these black pieces of wax 🙂

So, we picked a few favourites while digging through the fresh releases we received on the past couple of weeks. A bit of everything: minimal house (of course), various shades of deep house, electro and a bit of funk, also.

1. Sahau – Cielo (click here for audio samples / add to cart)

Dan Andrei, Paul Agripa and Kozo are once again joining forces in the studio for another stellar release under the Sahau moniker. Murky basslines all over the EP, groove stripped to its abstract heart and vague jazz allusions. You know the drill: Sahau the three-headed dragon, throwing flames of avangarde electronic music all over us 🙂

2. Freaks – Lets Do It Again Part 3 (click here for audio samples / add to cart)

Ricardo Villalobos with a weirdly shaped minimal techno jam, a dance floor destroyer created for the most pretentious dance machines by The Martinez Brothers and Freaks’ house nostalgia. Still not convinced? Try Turning Orange electro version!

3. Chaos In The CBD – Hydrate (click here for audio sample / add to cart)

Mule Musiq has a special place in our hearts, when it comes to spacey electronic music. Chaos In The CBD drops Hydrate, a deep house odyssey for those moments when the dance floor needs a memorable respiro time.

4. Dego – Twelve Steps (click here for audio samples / add to cart)

If James Brown had a thing with house music, then it should probably sound like Dego’s Twelve Steps: funky riffs synchronized over the 4/4 sick beat, built to make you dance like nobody’s watching.

5. Barry Helafonte – One Night (click here for audio samples / add to cart)

Smooth is the first word that came into our minds while listening to this silky release coming from Spain’s Pulp imprint. You can trace the vibes on this one all the way back to the 80s’ glorious synth-pop years, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon soft shapes of electro. Machine love all over!

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Here Are Our Staff Picks For September

It was about time to return to our old digging habits after this epic summer. Lots and lots of records to  check so our appetite for discovering mind blowing vinyl releases was satisfied 100%. The hardest thing to do was actually to keep this list down to only 3 records, just to pass towards you the pleasure of discovering new music throughout Misbits’ shop.

So, let’s get down to business: here are our favourite picks for September 2019, don’t sleep on these ones as they’re selling fast 😉 

Happy digging!

Orli – LORI001

If there was a darker side of electronic music, then Orli is one of its regular visitors. This EP is soaked into a heavy electro atmosphere, finding also room for weird electronic experiments. All the tracks are perfect tools to surprise your crowd at any given time during your set. It’s one of those releases that get better and better every time you play it.

Buy your Orli – LORI001 copy with a click here

Our favourite track: Strat

matteo. – THREADS002

Deep house made in Italy by a mysterious record label? Yes, sir! matteo. takes us on a sunny trip with his soft Detroit textures and electro nostalgia. To be played when the dance floor is asking for some positive feelings around sunrise 😉

Buy you matteo. – THREADS002 copy with a click here

Our favourite track: Byba

DJ Cream / Black Loops – City Lights

“If House was a nation, I wanna be president…” These infamous lyrics apply perfectly to this split collab between DJ Cream and Black Loops. DJ Cream’s Smile & Stay High, the label focused on the housier side of electronic music, has hit us with City Lights, a 4 tracker that would please the ears of anyone digging a refreshed house music sound, Its influences go all the way back to the NY house scene from the 90s’, regardless if we follow the subtle Rhodes bits or the hard pressed kicks.

Buy your City Lights copy with click here

Our favourite track: Stay High

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Misbits’ Hot Crate For June 2019

With this myriad of genres, labels and producers, we found it pretty difficult and useless to chart fresh records coming from the underground. And who we are to establish hierarchies, right? Yet, as we’re in the middle of things, we can see which producer is rising, what release is selling out faster than a hard techno BPM or what big name adopted a strange nickname to release some amazing gems under cover.

Our monthly Hot Crate series pulls out a handful of records worth listening and adding to your collection. From dance floor tools to electronic experiments for your home listening pleasure, Hot Crates is covering a wider range of genres with special records, handpicked by the Misbits team. Enjoy!

Lost Propery 003

6 mind blowing cuts hallucinating between broken beats and wobbly electro, released on a totally obscure label from UK. Audio snippets and stock info here

Dorisburg – Internet Tension

Soft techno hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden. Audio snippets and stock info here


Primary Perception – Research Centre

If you’re familiar with the gentle house breaks from Slow Life, then this record is for you: dreamy, deep, spaced out beats, perfect for a summer starter. Audio snippets and stock info here


Wave Particle Singularity – Heisenberg Uncertainty

Until you will decrypt the subatomic message, hidden behind the curious track names, your ears will be pleased for sure with this one. The more you listen to it, the more you discover that there is more than deep house, it’s a state of mind. Audio snippets and stock info here

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Octavian Nemescu Gradeatia / Natural: An Experimental Trip Into Romania’s Electronic Music History

Octavian Nemescu

30 years ago, Romania was still locked down behind the Iron Curtain. As with any form of culture that poised a potential threat to the opressive communist regime, electronic music was facing extreme censorship, with rules meant to keep things under strict controls. Even so, a handful of talented composers managed to publish their works under the famous Electrecord, the only Romanian record label available in those years.
Octavian Nemescu was one of them: now an esteemed composition professor at the National University of Music in Bucharest, he is credited with Romania’s first fully electronic music recording: Gradeatia / Natural.

Originally released in 1984, this album is one of the most important Romanian contribution to the spectral music style. Side A, recorded at the IPEM Studio in Ghent, Belgium, is a serious tripped out piece of avant-garde composition, with pulses and chaotic synths spanning over more than 20 minutes to create a dark cinematic experience. As for Natural (on Side B), Octavian Nemescu blended and mixed samples recorded in the virgin Romanian countryside landscapes with electronic cuts to build up an immersive music experiment, way ahead of its time.

Belgium’s Sub Rosa record label, specialized in avant-garde, electronic, world and noise music, reissued Octavian Nemescu – Gradeatia / Natural at the end of 2018, as part of the Early Electronic Series.

Definately a piece of electronic music history worth adding to your record collection, Octavian Nemescu – Gradeatia / Natural 1973 – 83 (LP Reissue) is now available at Misbits Record Shop. You can buy you copy by clicking on this link

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We Want Your Old Records: Vinyl Trade Weeks @ Misbits Record Shop

vinyl trade

Everybody has a few records that were left to accumulate dust on some distant record shelf in our bedroom. They were once among our favourite ones, but as our music taste changed, so the old records got abandoned 🙁

We thought of giving this sad vinyl story a happy ending, so we introduce the Vinyl Trade program at Misbits 😀 Think of the buyback principle but with vinyl records. Let us get you through the details:

Choose one record from your collection. The record has to present itself in Very Good + condition (at least). Check here what VG+ means

Bring it to Misbits Record Shop and leave it into the Vinyl Trade crate

Choose 1 (one) new record from our stock (it has to fall under the same genre / category as the old one you’re about to trade) to receive a 10 lei discount at the counter.

Go home and play those new sounds 🙂

Cool, right? Wait, there’s more to it: on the 20th of December, one of the traders will be lucky enough to win the whole crate containing all the old records traded until this date.

Happy Digging & Trading, everybody!

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Get Your Hands On The Mystery Box – Romania 100 Special Edition

On this 1st of December our country reached a round milestone: 100 years since The Great Union, a big time event that marked the birth of modern Romania. We’re not here for a history lesson (you can read all the details here), we’re here, as usual, for some fine electronic music: 100% Romanian, with that utterly trippy sound you are already used with.

Together with our good friends from distribution, we prepared a few Mystery Boxes, each of them containing 3 promo records signed by pretty well known Romanian producers.

Expect some unexpected surprises at an anniversary price: 100 lei (excl. shipping). Limited availability, first come first served, please message us on our facebook page for details.

Happy Birthday, Romania! ?? ?? ??

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5 Represses To Boost Your Record Collection Personality


You know that feeling: you fall in love with a release, search for it on discogs just to find out that this love affair asks for a price that can easily get you 5 to 10 fresh records. Yet, from time to time, someone that really cares about us, the mortal collectors, finds time and represses a small but important part of these gems. So, in no particular order, here are 5 represses that can rock you even if some of them are old enough to be called classics.

Check out our selection below and click the title to get you one step closer to buying one copy.

Brawther – Soothing

Subb-an / Daniel Bell – Island Fever

Tommy Vicari Jnr – 57 Hertz

DJ Honesty – Honeydrop 5

The Notorious BIG – Juicy

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The Ricardo Villalobos Percussions We’d Never Have Enough: Pox & Pol

Misbits Record Shop - Ricardo Villalobos

No need to fill up this space with big words about how Ricardo Villalobos reshaped the minimal house sound. For some of us he might be already too mainstream, at least on a declarative level, as I can bet 1 million euros that Ricardo’s signature sound will continue to plant the seed of loopy grooves inside anyone’s soul exposed to it.

As with any release signed by the chillean electronic genius, Toi Toi‘s 6th EP falls under the same framework we got used to: 2 long tracks, passing the 10 minutes mark, giving enough time for the warm basslines to blend into the percussions and attach to your neuro-locomotory centre to induce that feeling you could dance forever to this. Add Argenis Brito’s latin american vibe to this minimal trip and you’re all set for a ride into the techno territories, dressed up like a conga dancer.

Pox Pol (Argenis Brito & Ricardo Villalobos) – El Malekom / Rikileaks is fast selling so make sure you grab your copy from here

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How To Receive 5 Fresh Records As A Gift

MisBits Record Shop - 5 Fresh Records As A Gift

Nope, Christmas didn’t come early this year! As we are thankful for all the friends around us and we feel inspired by this nice sunny summer, we have a gift for you 🙂 The first 5 orders priced at 250 lei or more will receive 5 super fresh releases from the vaults, unavailable in our shop for the moment. Just finish your record shopping session and we’ll add the 5 records pack into your shipping box. Or, to make it easier, drop by our shop and claim your gift easier and faster!

Only 5 packs available until the 6th of July!

Happy record digging, guys!

Your friends @ Misbits Record Shop

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Pick Of The Week: Moodymann – Telephone EP [Peacefrog]

Moodymann - Misbits Record Shop

Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann is a legend. And not any kind of a legend but a Detroit one. 20 years ago he released Silentintroduction and since then he pushed his gritty sound combining house loops with soul and R&B in tens of releases, most of them on his own imprint, KDJ, or at Peacefrog Records. Speaking of which, the british label started to repress a few of some releases that made history, with Glenn Underground and Gemini brought back to the scene. Between them we find Telephone EP, originally released in 2001.

With that jazzy vibe and raw percussions, Telephone EP perfectly describes Moodymann’s signature sound, hard to confine into a specific genre yet so groovy. The repress is available at Misbits Record Shop, hit this link to make it yours and listen to audio samples.

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Romanian Flavours: Tony Sicoria – Impromtu [Outhere]

Misbits Record Shop

We continue our journey through the quality releases the Romanian underground has to offer with this 4 tracker signed by Tony Sicoria and released on Outhere, a sublabel of the Inhere imprint.

To match his life story, that seems to be cut from some Marvel-esque blockbuster (apparently he’s a doctor that got struck by lightning, resulting in an insatiable hunger for piano music), the Impromtu EP gets weirder with every track. And that’s a good thing: it’s weird to find the groove into the phaser like vocoders that bounce back and forth against the smooth baselines (in Imune), it’s even weirder to find an amazing groove into the dub techno themed reverbs (check Catskill). Not to mention the ghoul whining superimposed onto the sick minimalistic pattern of Fantaisie. And to end up in style (make it a deep house style), we taste a bit of a summerish vibe with Algo, made in Romania.

Tony Sicoria – Impromtu is available exclusively at Misbits Record Shop, you can check some audio samples and buy it while it’s still available in stock with a click here

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Love Is On The Wax

MisBits Record Shop - Wax

No doubt about it. Your record collection would never disappoint you and this is why you take good care of it, expanding it even if you sometimes have to go in debt 🙂 You go to sleep thinking of vinyl, you wake up the same way. This is what we call true love for the wax.

And what a perfect moment to celebrate these feelings! This Valentine’s Day take your loved one (no, not your record case, the loved one in flesh and blood) and come visit us for a nice surprise. The first 4 couples who will spend 100 lei at Misbits Record Shop on the 14th of February receive our special Love On The Wax pack: 1 record and 1 handmade Mibits headphone pouch. So everybody will be happy on this Valentine’s: you, your loved one and your vinyl collection!

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Pick Of The Week: Shcaa, Traian Chereches – Prelude

Shcaa - MisBits Record Shop

Driven by the same drum pattern that resembles an odd shamanic ritual, lost in a dark & foggy atmosphere, we found this intriguing release from Oxmose Records, featuring Shcaa and Traian Chereches. Hard to choose our favourite track: Shcaa’s tune goes deep into exploring the low frequencies realm in a obscure ambient note as Traian Chereches relies on heavy sampling for an experimental jazz piece unique in its complexity.

Few copies left, grab yours from here

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Airbag Craftworks x Misbits Record Shop


There’s a lot of things we like about the Germany: the utterly amazing music produced in its undergrounds, the efficient and powerful cars, the fairytale mountain landscapes, the impossible-to-enter clubs, the simple yet practical bags, the comfy clothes…. WAIT! Clothes & accessories? From Germany?

Yup, and not some random ordinary boutique but the famous Frankfurt based Airbag Craftworks brand, now available at Misbits Record Shop with a few selected items that not only would draw the connaisseurs attention but would give you a hip look and a cozy feeling.

For now you can choose from a small selection of 100% cotton T shirts (made in Germany).

DJs beware, we have the infamous Chateau Vinyl bag, where you can fit no less than 75 12″ records. This shock absorbing bag comes with some uber cool features: it can be divided in 2 equal parts so you can easily browse the record selection in any club situation and it also has a detachable pouch for small stuff like your headphones, USB sticks and other personal belongings (really helpful for the frequent flying DJs). Did we mention the included cover to protect your bag even more?

Girls beware, we also got you covered! The Easy To Jet bag was specially created for you to throw things inside it without worrying you’d run out of space. Waterproof and super resistant (like any accessory made in Germany), this tote bag combines the german pragmatic vibe with the typical Airbag Craftworks coolness.

You can shop our Airbag Craftworks selection here or, if it happens for you to be in Bucharest, Romania, you can come by our shop if you’d like to dig into our record selection, also.

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The Mystery Box ourown Special Edition

Misbits Record Shop - Mistery Box Ourown

Time has come to begin this year in style. Techno Style. No, make it Romanian Techno Style 🙂 So, to make this year’s last Mystery Box the most tempting one we had until now, we asked the Ourown guys to let us dig into their awesome back catalog. After all, they distribute some of the finest Romanian spiced record labels.

So we sat down, isolating ourselves from the real world with the headphones, and spent a few hours listening to the electronic gems polished into the Romanian underground. And, you know the feeling: we just couldn’t decide on only 5 records so we created 5 boxes with 5 records each. Exclusively from Ourown’s catalog. Can’t tell you the names but let us assure you, you danced for quite a few times on these grooves 😉

The 5 Mystery Boxes Special Edition come with a special price: 50 Euros (shipping fees included) and they will be available on request, following the “first come, first served” rule. Contacts us if you’re interested!

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Romanian Flavors: Teluric’s Remix For Shades (Berg Audio)

Misbits Record Shop - Berg

Yup, we like almost anything dub. Dub edits, classic dub, dub techno… that solid baseline making room inside our guts… too good to ignore it 🙂

Claiming to be inspired by some 0ld soviet monuments, Berg Audio has been focusing on the dubbier side of house music. And not any part of house music but the one that’s deep and melodic. And in 2 years they manage to release a handful of EPs’ that made it a difficult task to choose which one we like the most.

Yet, we fell in love with Teluric remix for Shades: catching the atmospheric dub techno theme of the original into an extremely danceable texture, deep enough to send you in a dream state yet still keeping you connected with the dance floor. You know, that feeling you’re experiencing every time you play a Romanian flavoured track 😉

Shades by Laughing Man & Victor Udvari (Teluric Remix) is available to buy here

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Romania’s National Day Sales @ Misbits Record Shop!

Misbits Record Shop - National Day Sales

1st of December is a moment of celebration for Romanians as it marks 99 years since The Great Union in 1918. We hate going into geopolitical bullshit (for those of you that would like to dig a little deeper into our history, you can check wikipedia here) yet we are proud of our national values, particularly what happens into the electronic underground 🙂

An underground defined by cultural diversity, filled with folklore and ethnic influeces, born just about a decade ago out of nothing, that had since took the european clubs and festival stages by storm.

As part of this amazing movement, we strive to dig and select the best imprints and artists Romania has to offer. Not an easy job as hundreds of new producers are spendings countless nights crafting beats into their personal studios and then release them into the wild 🙂

So, to properly mark this day, all the releases with Romanian origins are on sale for just 1 day: 1st of December 2017! As usual, stocks are limited so be sure to be the first to reserve your favourite Romanian records.

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Pick Of The Week: Leo Pol – All I Got In Me

MisBits Record Shop - Leo Pol

Ok, so here we are proving ourselves once again that some serious house music is cooking up in the french underground. Today our ears falled in love with Leo Pol, who previously impressed us with some killer releases on his own imprint, iile.

Concrete Music 3PM, the more dance floor oriented sub-label of Concrete Music, has chosen to release All I Got In Me. Spread on 2 records, this EP is an amazing deep house cocktail taking us on a trippy trip from Detroit to Chicago, with just some pinches of acid and electro flavours, soulful rhythms and sick grooves, suitable for a late after afterparty or just a full swing basement party

Our track of choice: the Detroit-esque Live Concrete, that made us dance like madmen inside our shop 🙂

Leo Pol – All I Got In Me is still available in our stocks and can be purchased from here

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Black Friday @ Misbits!

MisBits Record Shop - black friday

Once you go black you never go back, black is the new black, all good things come in black… and the list can go on with all sorts of saying about black.

Because yeah, we prepare for the Black Friday: special sales at selected items, black records, of course :D, that means an extra discount. So grab your headphones and start digging on, fill in your shopping cart and complete your order during the Black Weekend!

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Mystery Box – November 2017 Edition

MisBits Record Shop - Mystery Box

What stands at the base of a long lasting relationship? Yes, maybe love. Maybe understanding each other’s worries, questions and insecurities. Maybe some good cooking skills. Maybe good music. Maybe sharing the same passions. And definitely trust: trusting the other one with not even the thinnest shade of doubt. Blind trust 🙂

So, as we already have a trustful relationship with many of you, guys, we prepared for this end of the year another episode of our already famous Mystery Box. This time we have 2 boxes, each of it containing 10 records (second hand yet in excellent condition) bearing the Misbits record selection skill you already love: some house, some techno, some minimal, some dub techno, sliding from smooth sounds to more dance floor oriented stuff.

Each Mystery Box is on sale for 100 euros, price including shipping. Contact us via our facebook page if you’re interested.

Hurry UP!


Misbits Record Shop

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Romanian Flavours: Unknown Artist – Inhere002

MisBits Record Shop - Romanian Flavours

Not taking credits for your name and just let your creations speak for themselves. That’s one of the reasons many underground artists had chosen to use this sometimes annoying Unkown Artist – Untitled Track. And that’s fine with us as long as the tracks kick ass 🙂

That’s the case with this latest release from the Inhere imprint: an identity hidden behind 4 amazing tracks, built on the same looped Romanian pattern: deep melodic grooves echoing into the obsessive bassline, integrating dub techno elements in the most melancholic way we encountered until now and resembling a bit of the Horror Inc-esque haunting atmosphere.

Out of the ordinary, a must have if you are into the new wave of Romania’s underground. Click here for audio samples and to add it to your shopping cart 😉

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Pick Of The Week: Calibre – Even If

MisBits Record Shop - Calibre

If you tasted just a tiny bit of the drum ’n bass effervescent sound, we’re pretty sure you’ve been hit at least once with Dominick Martin’s productions: staying true to the old skool sound yet with his unique classy touch.

So, with these thoughts in mind we cheered up the repress of one of his greatest albums: Even If (and trust us, this guy is really prolific!). After all, everybody gets a bit nostalgic when it comes to good ol’ drum ’n bass.

Spanned on 3 records, featuring the absolute banger that gives also the album’s name, Even If is a proof that the drum ’n bass sound evolved on its own: liquid in some parts, smoothly integrating jazzy bits, Even If makes a proper comeback into our record collection, whether we crave after the golden bass era or we just want to slam some drum ’n bass bangers on a home party equipped with a decent soundsystem.

You can listen to samples and buy Calibre – Even If with a click here

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Misbits Mystery Boxes Reloaded – Our Personal Record Selection

Personal Record Selection - MisBits Record Shop

As much as you like to stick your fingers into record crates to dig up some electronic gems, every now and then you enjoy receiving surprizes.

So, to satisfy your needs, Misbits Record Shop becomes your personal record selector (you know, like every superstar DJ has :D) and prepares 4 Mystery Boxes, each of them containing 18 records + 1 promo, with their sounds crossing the dub, deep house, house and techno territories. No doubt about our selection, it’s strong one 😉

Now this is your chance to add something unexpected to your record collection. Each box, unique in its way, costs 150 euros incl. shipping.

If you are interested in buying one of these 4 boxes, drop us a private message on our facebook page 😉

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Must Have Of The Month: Superlongevity 6 [PERLON]

MisBits Record Shop - Perlon114

Every now and then the brilliant minds that run the quintessential Perlon drop an all-star compilation under the Superlongevity name. The 6th iteration, launched a few weeks ago, hosts on no less than 4 vinyl records a list of artists that any festival in this world would kill to have them on their lineups.

The 18 track long compilation is the most complete musical journey you can possibly take into Perlon’s electronic universe: Pile’ reduced abstract loops, Margaret Dygas’ weird approach on techno, some minimal funk signed by Dimbiman (if we can call it that way), Ricardo reimagining a whole new sound, totally different from what we expect from him yet so familiar, house music from the next century made by Soul Capsule, Spacetravel and Melchior Productions.

Full Tracklist:

a1. the stowaway – a suspicious passenger
a2. international anything – when its dark (moonlight medley)
b1. bodycode – synchronized sleep
b2. kalabrese – düdingen
b3. pile – noshow
c1. dimbiman – turtle gone
c2. margaret dygas – saasafras
d1. fumiya tanaka – standing north 6
d2. baby ford – dognosematic
e1. narcotic syntax – agents with fatty acids
e2. ricardo villalobos – gono fuznk
f1. binh – wochenbett
f2. darren – 1999 / 2017 (extd. version)
f3. spacetravel – no more
g1. soul capsule – them yeah
g2. sammy dee – marvin goes savage deep
h1. maayan nidam – trail of glitter
h2. melchior productions ltd – the hope

Superlongevity 6 is still in stock at Misbits. You can listen to samples and purchase it with a click here.

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Misbits Recordings Launching Event

MisBits Record Shop - misbits recordings

We, humans, like to create, to build, to expand. We cut down centuries old trees to grow concrete and glass monsters. We divert rivers to produce energy and feed our hunger for power.We destroy in order to create an artificial world ruled by the digital laws of ones and zeros.
Strangely enough, this is where our story begins. A quest to find a fragile balance between nature and the human shaped ecosystem. Bringing back the equilibrium between 2 universes. An experiment!

Both digging their own paths through the labyrinth of electronic music, spending countless nights creating sound revelations through the binary language of drum machines and synths, Ioana Parlog and Cosmin Dumitru crafted different visions, yet the real magic sparked when all their thoughts crossed paths in the same studio.
From the totally different revelations came the idea of using sounds to bring together the nature and the urban landscape. Field recordings fused into synthetic pads for their first ambient experimental live session, held at Point Art Hub in April 2017. The custom Void Acoustics soundsystem, the feelings of rain and wind, the art installation and the trippy visuals by Daniel Bega|AuralEye immersed the 50 carefully selected people into this weird urban universe where nature seemed to regain its powers.

The event was built as a 3-acts story: the opening, a 25 minutes live act featuring a fusion between Ambisonics recordings, electronic music instruments and effects that ended with Cristian Cotarcea twisted narration about experiencing the full flavours of being in nature, accompanied by Silviu Purcariu’s celestial hang drum performance. Revealing the art installation (concept by Obie Platon, production by Filip Lucian) marked the second act, leaving Romeo Poirier and his amazing 40 minutes live ambient set to close the event.

First step was made, now on to the next one: present our vision to the entire world: Misbits Recordings, a 10 inch imprint focused on the experimental, musique concrete, ambient and downtempo. Keeping Side A for the guest artists, already established as well as less known, to express their musical vision, as Side B is reserved for locked grooves, Misbits Recordings releases are set to reveal artists and their unique take on the music’s vast ocean.
First release will be a powerful statement, with Romeo Poirier, Boris Hegenbart and David Moss to open this amazing sound journey under the Misbits Recordings hood.

Hand in hand with rather unexpected melanges of live performances, this label will be our modern compass to guide us into fascinating new worlds of sound.

Credits to all our friends that made this possible:

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Miss I Smoothy Grooves – Misbits 4 Years Anniversary Special Edition

Misbits Record Shop

4 amazing years for Misbits Record Shop were properly marked with a super special edition of our beloved Smoothy Grooves radio show. Miss I took over the livestream, spinning no less than 2 hours of awesome grooves, from dub techno to deep house.

And what’s a better way to celebrate this date than dropping the prices on our entire record stock: 5 lei off the price of any record for a whole week on and also in store 😉

And of course, the Smoothy Grooves special episode can be found below, for your listening pleasure (tracklisting included). And if you really really enjoyed Miss I’s selection, check out the 2 special packs, containing 4 records each (played on Smoothy Grooves), now available at an anniversary price. Click the links to see what we’re talking about: Pack 1 | Pack 2

1.Piper Spray – Drugstore Phones (180gr / 2×12 LP)
2.Raccoglimento Parziale – Observing Organic Structures
3.Fluxion – Vibrant Forms III
4.Submania & Ekmoah – Voodoo Voltage – second hand
5,Various Artists – Stardub 05
6.Dub Surgeon vs. Dub Cord – Future Dub 3 – second hand
7.Neurotron – Neurotron 008 (180gr, Vinyl Only)
8.Volkan Akin – Ui
9.ZefZeed – An Eclipse And Many Works
10.Various Artists – Bordei Nero (Vinyl Only)
11.Ion Ludwig – Mania Gr / Wishkey In An Icejar (180gr)
12.Ricardo Villalobos & Umho – Melo De Melo ( 180gr / Vinyl Only )
13.Lumieux – Alba Electronica
14.Various – Wex Special
15.Shintaro.D – Init003 (Vinyl Only)
16.Aquaphresca – Tram Days (Vinyl Only)
17.lucianno villareal-head tracks
18.T. Gavroche – New Era (Vinyl Only)
19.Nudge – Sette (Vinyl Only)
20.Planet JM – Cosmic Fruit (Vinyl Only) –
21.Pressure Point – Process Theory (Vinyl Only)
22.Fym – Skin Serum (Vinyl only)
24.Soul purpose 3 – low pressing – Second hand
25.Rhythm & Sound ‎– See Mi Yah (Remixes #2) – second hand
26.DFLN – The Way I Feel
27.The Breadwinners – Dubs Unlimited – Second Hand

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Something For The Hardcore Record Collector In You: Knowone Timber Box

If you happen to be a record lover then you’ve probably got the collectors’ virus: spending money to have some limited editions from your favourite music.

The more limited, the better and the more obscure the hardest to get your hands & ears on.

Lucky you, Knowone, a label that chose to promote the music (dub techno heavily influenced by the Basic Channel sound) rather than the artists’ names (all of their releases appear as Unknown – Untitled) released recently the Knowone Timber Box, a 5-vinyl pack enveloped into a nice wooden box.


All the 10 tracks are bearing the dusty echoing rhythm specific to pure dub techno. Each record, individually packed into his own sleeve, has a different shade.

Yet the timber box deserves our attention: you can handle the records without touching them, using the special velvet band and the included record butler. And, the thing that would make any record collector drool, each box is hand numbered so you’ll know you’re special 🙂

Not to mention the 2 CDs included in the box.

And yes, we have it on stock so hurry up and grab it till it’s not too late. Press this link to go directly to the product page.

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Special Deals! Record Store Day @ Misbits Record Shop

Misbits Record Shop - Record Store Day

Around 1889 this guy named Emile Berliner created these lateral-cut discs that served as a recording medium for sound. Yeah, they had a shitty quality and were mostly used for toys or weird hi tech stuff but this was what we today call the great grandfather of vinyl records.

And these rounded pieces of black plastic wrote history, witnessing some of the biggest events in music, recording famous voices, becoming icons for tens of generations, developing passions and addictions or breaking hearts.
It’s bulky, it needs huge storage spaces, it can break apart easily, it wears off after multiple plays, it even sounds nowhere near perfection. But maybe these are some of the reasons we love it. If there is something in this world that embodies the music into something you can touch, smell, hug or care after, then the vinyl record is exactly that!

Record Store Day was born in 2007 to celebrate the culture of the independently owned records stores. And this small gathering, held every year since then on the third Saturday of April, grew up insanely fast into an international event that Misbits Record Shop is proudly part of.

So, to mark it properly, we asked a few of our DJ friends to come and play some of their favourite records on our terrace!

Not to mention the special deals: all the orders over 10 records, made until the 16th of April, get the chance to win our Mystery 5-Pack: 5 carefully selected records that will blow your mind (did anyone say an [a:rpia:r] release among them? :D). No intention in buying 10 records? No worries! Any order placed on the Record Store Day will give you a chence to win a Misbits T shirt or slipmat!

Got your attention? Then start digging online or visit our shop for the coolest party this spring has to offer!

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Sit – Sideways

Sit why did we like it

Why did we like SIT – Sideways so much

With just 4 releases in 5 years, no wonder we held our breaths when we first heard the Sideways LP news: the SIT debut album, spanned across no less than 5 records!

So we waited patiently to sneak inside Sideways Invisibility Theory‘s detailed perspective on electronic music (in case you’ve ever wondered what does SIT stand for :D). And, boy, did our wait paid off!! Their signature sound, placed between Cristi Cons’ dancefloor-oriented deep textured beats and Vlad Caia’s vivid electronic experiments, gets morphed into subtle forms of deep house, raw techno, breakbeat and acid house. So many approaches, so many ties with different underground corners of electronic music, yet one thing that keeps them close together: THE GROOVE!

The cherry on top is by all means the acid-tinged Angels, placed on Side A of the final record.

Our personal favorites: Brooklyn | StepByStep |Angels

Definitely one of the most consistent and complete releases, forward thinking in its essence, SIT Sideways will probably pass the test of time to entertain many ravers generations to come. Woop!

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Muzica electronica – cele mai bune 4 documentare , marca

Misbits Record Shop - Muzica electronica

Muzica electronica – cele mai bune documentare

Cu gândul că vom sta departe în acest weekend de maratoanele de toamnă din cluburi, ne-am decis la un weekend petrecut tot în compania muzicii electronice într-un cadru puțin mai relaxat. Relaxat complet pe canapeaua personală și cu o selecție de 4 documentare alese pe sprânceană!

High Tech Soul – The Creation Of Techno Music

Detroit văzut din perspectiva originilor sound-ului techno. Interviuri cu Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills.


Dacă Detroit este maternitatea techno atunci Rober Moog este tatăl. Inventatorul moog propriul film, în care ne împărtășește din experiența lui de viață.

Pump Up The Volume: The Creation of House Music

Ia un pix și notează: istoria house music concentrată în 2 ore jumate.

Don’t Forget to Go Home

Pentru cine este curios cum arată peisajul techno din Berlin acum mai bine de 10 ani, când pe Berghain abia ce se tăia panglica de la inaugurare. BONUS: interviu cu Ricardo tânăr și neliniștit.

Copyright @ 

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Misbit’s TOP 10 Vinyl Records Sales In 2015

Misbits Record Shop

Combinăm plăcerea ordonării de chestii în topuri cu pasiunea pentru bucățile de plastic decupate în forme circulare, pentru a întocmi chart-ul celor mai bune plăci din 2015. Și nu orice fel de viniluri, ci acelea care au surprins adânc în groove cele mai frumoase aspecte ale muzicii electronice. Click pe fiecare titlu în parte pentru audio previews și (cu puțin noroc) pentru opțiunea de a cumpăra. Clasamentul a fost întocmit pe baza vânzărilor de discuri în 2015 la Misbits Record Shop.

1. Raresh – Vivaltu [a:rpia:r]

Un original de pus în ramă, pus în valoare de 3 remixuri semnate Ricardo Villalobos, Petre Inspirescu și Dan Andrei. Ce-ți poți dori mai mult?

You can listen here

2. Colorhadoo – Zanzibar [AMPHIA]

Smoky techno de la “El Maestro” Rhadoo, artist care scoate piese rar dar când o face schimbă de fiecare dată percepțiile despre minimal techno.

You can listen here 

3. Barac – Moment Of Clarity [MOMENT]

Ce altceva putea completa Top 3 decât signature deep house-ul marca Barac, o explozie de culoare și pozitiv cum rar ne-a fost dat să ascultăm în underground.

You can listen here

4. VA – Apotek 001 [APOTEK]

You can listen here 

5. Melodie – Echo Rhythm [METEREZE]

You can listen here

6. Alin Crihan – Transit Station [NAURAL]

You can listen here

7. Super Moon – I/O [MOTIF]

You can listen here

8. Dubtil – Ebandogue [UNDERSTAND]

You can listen here

9. Binh – Visio [PERLON]

You can listen here

10. Suciu – Reactiiletale [PRESSURE TRAXX]

You can listen here

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What Is Vinyl?

Vinyl - Misbits Record Shop

Many of you may have come across the terms vinyl siding, vinyl records, vinyl flooring, vinyl gloves etc, but may not know what exactly vinyl is.

Vinyl is not a natural substance but is a synthetic man-made material. It is a type of plastic that is made from ethylene (found in crude oil) and chlorine (found in regular salt). When processed, both the substances are combined to form Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, or as is commonly referred to – Vinyl.

Vinyl was first invented in 1920 by scientists who wanted to develop a material that would help to manufacture everyday products that were easier to make, more durable, and cheaper than what was available. Today, Vinyl has become the second largest manufactured and sold plastic resin in the entire world.

The most common use of vinyl is that in construction, especially as vinyl flooring and vinyl siding. In fact, these uses of vinyl are often thought of as its only uses. In addition to these, vinyl has many other uses because of its ability to combine with various additives and modifiers, thus making vinyl highly suitable to be used in the manufacture of many different products.

Common Properties Of Vinyl

Vinyl is resistant to moisture and humidity.

It is a very strong and durable plastic material.

Vinyl can be manufactured in a variety of colors, both transparent and solid.

Vinyl is a very low cost material to produce.

Vinyl is a plastic material, which unlike other plastics, can easily be recycled. Because of the durability of vinyl, products made from this material have a long life span. Add to this the fact that the vinyl can then be recycled, translates into an even longer life of the vinyl plastic resin.

Vinyl is a very environment friendly material, not only because it can be recycled, but also for many other reasons. Vinyl helps in the preservation of environmental resources as 57% of vinyl is made from common salt, which is a renewable natural substance. Non-replenish able resources such as crude oil only account for 43% of vinyl resin, thus making it nature friendly.

In comparison to various other materials used by the packing industry, vinyl requires lesser amounts of natural resources to make, utilizes much lesser energy for manufacture, and also releases lower emissions into the environment.

Thus vinyl, a synthetic manmade material, has truly revolutionized the entire plastic resin industry.

Copyright @ What Is Vinyl

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Dan Andrei – Parcul Cosmos [a:rpia:r]

Dan Andrei – Parcul Cosmos [a:rpia:r]

8 years have passed by from the first release under the seminal [a:rpia:r] record label. Only 14 records and among them timeless masterpieces like Petre Inspirescu’s Intr-o Seara Organica or Thomas Melchior’s brilliant appearances.

The latest [a:rpia:r] release marks a long waited comeback from Dan Andrei, presented as 2 x 12 Inch 180 grams records. Parcul Cosmos LP is the young producer’s way of showcasing his sound, beautifully evolved nowadays to a more clear and mature form. Each of the 6 tracks touches the abstract realms of minimal techno, yet with different results: a spliff of synth pop in Saturat, a crisp bassline hidden behind the laserlight march in Fuzzy se intoarce or some electro flashbacks in Lumo.

So, if you’re into the edgy forms of house & techno released by [a:rpia:r], then Parcul Cosmos is the perfect record for you: weird groove from some robotic future ?

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Batz’s Vinyl Selection: 5 deep house cuts played in 2015

Andrei Nechifor aka Batz started to develop his vinyl addiction years ago, supporting MCs and B-boys with his scratching and beatjuggling skills.

The RotoPerCutoR project became his means of expressing the passion for quality electronic music, alongside his good old friend Borac. Their truly unique sound made up of scratches, synths and live improvisations put RotoPerCutoR in the same booth with artists like Jazzanova, Bonobo, DJ Cam, Herbaliser, John Talabot, Modeselektor, Jeremy Underground Paris. Not to mention their production skills, expressed in sound design for movies and theatre plays.

As we are aware of his massive records collection (after all they hosted a vinyl only radio show at Grooveon back in 2014), we hit Batz with a pretty hard challenge: to choose 5 of his favourite deep house records, overplayed in 2015, and name his reasons for this selection

Big Moses – The Brighter Days Ep (King Street Sounds 1996)

This record is a must have for those o.g. house heads, real good party starter (A2 Party Time).

The Deep – The Earth Ep (Basenotic Records 1997)

Another classic old school deep house tune, this one is even high on the resellers market. I got mine for way less than what it goes for nowadays :)

Takeshi Kouzuki – The House Of The Rising Sun Ep (Mathematics Records 2011)

This is a really good ep, I mostly use this record when switching from deep house to a more contemporary techno vibe in my sets, via liquid flavoured acid.

Mandar – Peace Force (Lazare Hoche Records 2015)

By far one of the grooviest records to come out this year, make sure to keep an eye our for these 3 guys behind Mandar.

Brawther – Endless (Balance 2015)

Needless to say more about Brawther, but I got really excited when this release came out, I finally had my favourite songs from Brawther on the same record :))

Did we open the appetite for some good deep house wax? Check out Misbits’ stocks