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Romanian Flavors: Teluric’s Remix For Shades (Berg Audio)

Misbits Record Shop - Berg

Yup, we like almost anything dub. Dub edits, classic dub, dub techno… that solid baseline making room inside our guts… too good to ignore it 🙂

Claiming to be inspired by some 0ld soviet monuments, Berg Audio has been focusing on the dubbier side of house music. And not any part of house music but the one that’s deep and melodic. And in 2 years they manage to release a handful of EPs’ that made it a difficult task to choose which one we like the most.

Yet, we fell in love with Teluric remix for Shades: catching the atmospheric dub techno theme of the original into an extremely danceable texture, deep enough to send you in a dream state yet still keeping you connected with the dance floor. You know, that feeling you’re experiencing every time you play a Romanian flavoured track 😉

Shades by Laughing Man & Victor Udvari (Teluric Remix) is available to buy here