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The DJ’s choice: Dan Andrei

Words are often not enough to express that inner feeling music gives you. It does not matter how hard you try to describe it, there will always be that specific sensation which you are only able to feel, not put into words.

Over the years, Dan Andrei has proven to be one of Romania’s key players, a member of the arpiar family with 2 releases out on the label

[a:rpia:r] 09 – Prima In Cerc Are in 2011

followed by [a:rpia:r] 14 – Parcul Cosmos LP in 2015

He also released music on vinyl for Amphia, Kurbits Records and Be Chosen just to name a few other labels.

Having a keen ear for quality sound, each time he’s behind the dj booth he manages to create the right atmosphere which keeps the dancefloor moving to the rhythms for as long as its needed 🙂 For this article we’ve asked him to select five tracks for us, so… let’s hear them out!

?️ When you think of childhood, what’s one of the first tracks that come to mind?

Taking us back to the 90’s rave era 😀

?️ What’s one track that never fails to make people move on the dancefloor?

?️ Is there a song that never leaves your record bag?

There’s no such thing 🙂

?️ What would you listen to on a summer laidback Sunday afternoon?

?️ Can you tell us one of your favourite deep house tracks?

If you want to hear him play, be sure to check his facebook page for the posted events 🙂
You can also verify the schedule posted on resident advisor, which you can access by clicking -> here <-

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Crihan: Five Records That Never Leave My DJ Bag


Alin Crihan has made a habit of thrilling us in a nice way, when is comes to fine music. He built a constant flow of releases for the past 5 years, creating essential landmarks for imprints like Catren, UVAR, Stomping Grounds or Ruere.

Yet, as we all know it, the real thrill dwells on the dancefloor, where Crihan delivers his soft minimal house cuts. So we asked him to come up with short list of records he’s very fond of. Here they are, in no particular order, but all connected with that special vibe we all love to find on the dancefloor. Enjoy!

Sound Stream – All Night

Baaz – The Reason

Negghead / Basil ‎– The Lost Remixes

Beautiful Swimmers ‎– Sleepyhead

The Mountain People ‎– Mountain008

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Christopher Ledger Selection: 5 Records Dug From Misbits’ Used Records Crates

Misbits Record Shop - Christopher Ledger

Some of the best moments at

Misbits Record Shop

are when our favourite artists spend countless hours squatting over our record crates and smiling, tired and happy, after they found a few records that would definitely spice up their DJ sets 🙂

That was the case a few weeks ago with Berlin’s

Christopher Ledger

, an artist in love with electronic music but no stranger to neo classical sounds.

As we were curious about his musical taste, we asked him nicely to give us a hint about 5 records he bought from our shop during his last trip to Bucharest.
Here is it!

Baaz – Wisp [ELV005]

Elevate is the deep house label from Daniel Bell that put out a series of influential records in the late 90’s. That’s what pushed me to give a listen to this Baaz record since I wasn’t too familiar with this release in particular to be honest. It’s a very smooth and deep track..could be a secret weapon if used wisely.

Monotix – Wicked Plastic [SOS-003]

The Monotix releases on ‘Sound on Sound’ are great, this record was the only one i was missing in order to finish my collection of the SOS releases. Ace!

Tchaikovsky – The Sleeping Beauty – Ballet Suite – Pas d’action – Adagio

I wasn’t born in a family of musicians but during my childhood my dad used to put some classical records in the living room during the weekends and this was one of those..that’s why i’ve a thing for classical music i guess. I was honestly surprised to have found such piece of music in a record store where you are supposed to go digging mostly for club music.

Kassem Mosse – B1 untitled – [WORKSHOP 12]

It’s no secret that Kassem Mosse has a very eclectic approach when it comes to music and his ability to maintain a distinctive type of sound and style is something i really admire and respect. This haven’t found yet a place in my sets but it’s something i really wanted to add to my record colletion.

Janeret – Rear [JOULE01]

This isn’t a second hand record obviously but i was very happy and pleased to see that Misbits offered me a great selection of music, from new arrivals to second hand records. Hard to not find gems there. Regarding the release, I think it’s quite hard to find people who doesn’t like the music of this French guy. I own most of his physical releases as they work perfectly for different

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Sedee’s Selection: 5 Records We Dug From Misbits’ Used Records Crates

Sedee - Misbits Record Shop

First and foremost, a true DJ is a an avid record collector. It’s not just about entertaining the crowds, it’s about the hard work (if we can name it work :D) of digging out records from dusty crates stored improperly in flea markets and of spending countless hours jumping from obscure label to obscure label on discogs. It’s about that gut feeling when you play an used, forgotten vinyl and it somehow matches your soul’s frequency.

Mannheim’s Sebastian & David aka


are falling into this category of artists. We saw the sparks in their eyes when they dug out Misbits’ crates a few months ago so we knew they have a record story to share so we challenged them name 5 records they found in the used sections of Misbits Record Shop during their last visit. Here it is 🙂

And don’t forget: spend some time digging and the rest will come easy 😉

James Flavour & Sasse – Who’s In Da House [DIRT 041]

Here we have a big house stomper with a warm, driving baseline, which makes you dance immediately. The vocal snippets in the back create a very nice, forward pushing atmosphere! There is one vocal I don’t like that much but in the end you can do an edit without it 🙂 This track is perfect for peaktime moments!

Studio 01/8 – light pink label

This label is a part of “profan” records cologne. Two very long minimal tracks which are produced on point. One side got this massive baseline and some very nice synth chords in the backround. If you have a proper soundsystem , this one could be played at every night (or day) period. Both tracks are a very intelligent piece of electronic music. The flipside is not that groovy but sometimes it’s good to have it in your bag.

Birdsmakinmachines [LIZM12]

On the long side we have a track with its very own atmosphere. The arrangement is what I love the most. The first minutes are just a drum beat with a powerfull base. The best moment is when this little melody turns in!! It’s very emotional. If you play it at the right moment it develops into a hymn. Full support for these guys!!

Tommi White – Pushin’ [OBL12008]

The A1 track ‘Pushin’ shows the typical UK Tech-House Sound from the early 2000’s. A tribal groove percussive beats which makes a perfect tune for peak time. I prefer the flipside ‘In his ear’ which is a timeless House Bomb! Also good for peak-time moments with a nice melodie and a surprising peak.

Various – Southsiders EP [RWX002]

The main track ‘Marlin'(Broom + Hill) is a groovy Housetrack with deep melodic
chords and a warm synth-melodie. Nice for for open air in summertime. My favorite tune on this EP follows on A2.’dislikes'(Broom/Junker) gives me a warm and positive feeling every time I hear it. A groovy Bassline and an epic melodie keeps it in your head and in my recordbag for a long time.

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3 Of Our Favourite Records, Listed On Misbits’ Discogs Account

discogs - Misbits Record Shop

Celebrating the loooong nights spent digging into virtual crates we thought it will be nice to show you 3 of our favourite records listed on Misbits’ Discogs account, an account filled with various types of carefully selected music, from some rare romanian folk to classical stuff, jazz sounds, disco tunes and, of course, a cool stock of electronic music. You’ll find hard to find stuff, with prices a bit over the average you’ll find on our shop but not too expensive 😉

1. Kassem Mosse – Workshop 12 [WORKSHOP]
an already classic oddball mixture of house & techno 😉

2. Baaz – Few Days [ELEVATE]
yeah, we’re suckers for quality deep house made in Germany

3. Louis Armstrong – Satchmo – What A Wonderful World [VERVE]
the master himself with a legendary album