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Crate Digging With Sublee

For a couple of years we shared quite a lot of fun moments with Sublee when he was member of our small team at Misbits Record Shop. We spent time chatting about what electronic music has best to offer, as he continuously sharpened his record selector skills. Sublee is Stefan’s producer alter ego, who made memorable appearances at labels like Metereze, PlayedBy, Introspections or Meander and more recently on his bandcamp page, where you can find a handful of extremely underrated gems. Last but not least, We Meet Again, a record that saw light at RAWAX, marks his coming to maturity as an artist, with his unmistakable blend of classic house music and insanely looped deep chords.

While grabbing one of the last remaining few copies of We Meet Again from here, you should check Sublee record selection, he made an extensive (online) crate digging session at Misbits. Here are his personal favourites at this very moment, sliding from house music to jazz via electro:

Wareika / Simone Adinolfi / Herck / Soll – Tempo Rubato I

listen / buy > click here

Eddie Fowlkees – Plant 19

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Mystic Future, Hughes Giboulay, Aubrey – Cosmic Ray Event

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Techfunkers – Techfunkers The Album: Techfunk Is Where It’s At (Vol 1 Out Of 3)

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Chick Corea – Bliss!

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