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Six Record Labels To Keep An Eye On

Record Labels

Wondering how’s life at Misbits Record Shop? Well, with no parties around, all we did in the past few weeks was to dig for good music. Like serious digging sessions that sometimes took us days to discover something we reaaaaaally like. And from time to time we had this immense pleasure of discovering record labels with a lot of potential. This type of discoveries pushed us into exploring other areas of electronice music, so don’t be surprized if you’ll stumble upon some 2step grooves or futuristic downtempo. If we love it, we share it 🙌

So, no more words, let’s get down to the serious stuff. Six record labels worth following, each one of them with its unique vision about what does fine house music sound like. Check them out!

Mint Condition

This label has made a mission out of digging unreleased mixes and forgotten classics and (re)issue them on vinyl. Neat job, right? From deep house evergreens from Herbert to some true UK garage, you’ll find here more than you’ve ever wanted. Speaking of UK Garage, we still have this one in stock


Somewhere in Norway somebody is cooking some dope house music. Quirk is the name and their latest release with the Berlin based duo Foehn & Jerome is soooo good! Watch out for B1 on this release (still available at Misbits).


The label that calls itself Swiftness is what you’re looking for when you are digging for something fresh coming from Romania. Straightforward dancefloor grooves from a not so distant future, available on vinyl here

Mixmode Recordings

No, you cannot go wrong with a record released at Delano Smith’s imprint! Especially if you’re looking for something classic, as we have this one here.

Euphoric State

Presented as a sub-label of Opia Records, all sort of dancefloor bangers with a touch of space music. Their first release is available here

NightFlight Records

Fancy some Belgian minimal house waffles? Look no more, as NightFlight Records delivers it, with some super sweet topping! Cosmic Ray Event might be their biggest release to date, so be sure you grab your copy from here

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5 Record Labels To Keep An Eye On In 2017

Misbits Record Shop - vinyl eye

Yeah, here is that smell of enthusiasm again floating in the air as a whole year of good music is lying in front of our eyes and in this particular case into our ears! 🙂

So let’s buckle up for the 2017 ride and take these 5 checkpoints as references to what we think it would be hot for the coming months. Click on each record label name to check out what we might still have left in the stocks.

Trelik Records

Baby Ford’s imprint made a shy comeback in the past years, keeping that utterly deep sound in various forms of house & techno. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Slow Life

This small Berlin based collective didn’t reinvent the deep house wheel yet they redesign it to sound so so good. Pick any release from this label and you won’t be disappointed!

Mule Musiq

At Mule Musiq it is definatelly about the organic part of electronic music, it’s about that human touch. And the japanese record label nailed with some great releases, from Lawrence’s A Day In The Life to DJ Sprinkles’ Midtown 120 Blues. Petre Inspirescu will be back at Mule Musiq with another album somewhere this spring, another reason to follow this record label.


Aku Records, placed somewhere on the border between deep house and its more minimalistic side, amazed us with quite a few quality releases, signed by the likes of Janeret, Varhat and Triptil. We’re pretty sure 2017 will be the same, if not better, for Aku!

Amphia Records

Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia started Amphia Records as a place where no rules or genre labels would be applied, a place where creativity would roam free. Our expectations were paid out until now with a bunch of great releases, peaking with SIT’s Sideways trilogy. As for 2017, just expect the unexpected when it comes to Amphia 😉