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Sound Explorations: Sol Asylum

Overlooking the undergrounds of electronic music, where obscure musical experiments share the same roots with deep house or minimal techno, Sol Asylum has made a name in recent years from pushing forward music that in many cases proved to be way ahead of its time. Started as a party series at Hoppetosse Berlin, Sol Asylum turned into a platform to support artists from the underground.

After a couple of years of throwing Sol Asylum at Club Der Visionaere, the next step was to have a platform to support the artists that I was booking and believed in, so it was just a natural progression.Julie Marghilano, the imprint’s owner, told us how this became also a record label, home for different sounds, all sharing the same subtle groove.

The name itself captures Sol Asylum’s apettite for diversity. In Julie’s words: “The name came to me because I love names with multiple meanings (homonyms). Sol can mean the sun, your soul, or the G note when reading solfeggio. I liked the idea of mixing all of these meanings because my party was starting in daytime and I believe the music needs vibes and soul to touch people. At least this is how it is for me. Asylum can be a place of refuge or a place for crazy people and my party was also always a mix of both of these situations too 🙂

From 2014 Sol Asylum released 17 records, from Julie Marghilano herself as well as a few influential producers, from Anton Zap to Miss Jools. All the catalog is available also on Bandcamp, in an effort to offer additional support for the artists (100% of Sol Asylum’s VA releases sales on Bandcamp go directly to the artists) “This platform is the only digital one I believe it takes care of artists / labels and treats them fairly.”

Going for quality instead of quantity, Julie told us her intentions with the upcoming releases on Sol Asylum: “I run Sol Asylum with my gut and I do not feel that I need to rush out and press records now that everything is slowly opening up. I prefer to follow my instinct and release the quality music when the time is right. I have dedicated my whole life to music and Sol is my left arm so dont worry, we are not giving up any time soon.

Just to make you an idea of how diverse the music can get at Sol Asylum, we asked Julie Marghilano to find the best tracks for a few particular moments we all enjoyed at some point in this life. Enjoy them and follow Sol Asylum on bandcamp, soundcloud, instagram!

Nothing is better than a nice warm-up set to properly introduce us into what’s next to come.

SA-12 Miss Jools Stepping Inside

SA-16 Julie Marghilano Said and Done

Sunday afternoon, the party is still going strong with no signs of an early closing.

SA-17 Titonton Duvante Continuity

SA-03 Dana Ruh Overcome

Home party with 30 friends sharing a generous terrace in August in Berlin.

SA-11Pressure Point Process Theory

SA-13 Julie Marghilano Mercury Jasmine

An orange sunset overlooking the final moments of a small festival in the middle of nowhere.

SA-15 Steevio Brawd

SA-17 Samuel Padden Cheese and Chutney