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The DJ’s choice: Dan Andrei

Words are often not enough to express that inner feeling music gives you. It does not matter how hard you try to describe it, there will always be that specific sensation which you are only able to feel, not put into words.

Over the years, Dan Andrei has proven to be one of Romania’s key players, a member of the arpiar family with 2 releases out on the label

[a:rpia:r] 09 – Prima In Cerc Are in 2011

followed by [a:rpia:r] 14 – Parcul Cosmos LP in 2015

He also released music on vinyl for Amphia, Kurbits Records and Be Chosen just to name a few other labels.

Having a keen ear for quality sound, each time he’s behind the dj booth he manages to create the right atmosphere which keeps the dancefloor moving to the rhythms for as long as its needed 🙂 For this article we’ve asked him to select five tracks for us, so… let’s hear them out!

?️ When you think of childhood, what’s one of the first tracks that come to mind?

Taking us back to the 90’s rave era 😀

?️ What’s one track that never fails to make people move on the dancefloor?

?️ Is there a song that never leaves your record bag?

There’s no such thing 🙂

?️ What would you listen to on a summer laidback Sunday afternoon?

?️ Can you tell us one of your favourite deep house tracks?

If you want to hear him play, be sure to check his facebook page for the posted events 🙂
You can also verify the schedule posted on resident advisor, which you can access by clicking -> here <-