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We Want Your Old Records: Vinyl Trade Weeks @ Misbits Record Shop

vinyl trade

Everybody has a few records that were left to accumulate dust on some distant record shelf in our bedroom. They were once among our favourite ones, but as our music taste changed, so the old records got abandoned 🙁

We thought of giving this sad vinyl story a happy ending, so we introduce the Vinyl Trade program at Misbits 😀 Think of the buyback principle but with vinyl records. Let us get you through the details:

Choose one record from your collection. The record has to present itself in Very Good + condition (at least). Check here what VG+ means

Bring it to Misbits Record Shop and leave it into the Vinyl Trade crate

Choose 1 (one) new record from our stock (it has to fall under the same genre / category as the old one you’re about to trade) to receive a 10 lei discount at the counter.

Go home and play those new sounds 🙂

Cool, right? Wait, there’s more to it: on the 20th of December, one of the traders will be lucky enough to win the whole crate containing all the old records traded until this date.

Happy Digging & Trading, everybody!