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The Ricardo Villalobos Percussions We’d Never Have Enough: Pox & Pol

Misbits Record Shop - Ricardo Villalobos

No need to fill up this space with big words about how Ricardo Villalobos reshaped the minimal house sound. For some of us he might be already too mainstream, at least on a declarative level, as I can bet 1 million euros that Ricardo’s signature sound will continue to plant the seed of loopy grooves inside anyone’s soul exposed to it.

As with any release signed by the chillean electronic genius, Toi Toi‘s 6th EP falls under the same framework we got used to: 2 long tracks, passing the 10 minutes mark, giving enough time for the warm basslines to blend into the percussions and attach to your neuro-locomotory centre to induce that feeling you could dance forever to this. Add Argenis Brito’s latin american vibe to this minimal trip and you’re all set for a ride into the techno territories, dressed up like a conga dancer.

Pox Pol (Argenis Brito & Ricardo Villalobos) – El Malekom / Rikileaks is fast selling so make sure you grab your copy from here