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The Mystery Box ourown Special Edition

Misbits Record Shop - Mistery Box Ourown

Time has come to begin this year in style. Techno Style. No, make it Romanian Techno Style 🙂 So, to make this year’s last Mystery Box the most tempting one we had until now, we asked the Ourown guys to let us dig into their awesome back catalog. After all, they distribute some of the finest Romanian spiced record labels.

So we sat down, isolating ourselves from the real world with the headphones, and spent a few hours listening to the electronic gems polished into the Romanian underground. And, you know the feeling: we just couldn’t decide on only 5 records so we created 5 boxes with 5 records each. Exclusively from Ourown’s catalog. Can’t tell you the names but let us assure you, you danced for quite a few times on these grooves 😉

The 5 Mystery Boxes Special Edition come with a special price: 50 Euros (shipping fees included) and they will be available on request, following the “first come, first served” rule. Contacts us if you’re interested!