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Something For The Hardcore Record Collector In You: Knowone Timber Box

If you happen to be a record lover then you’ve probably got the collectors’ virus: spending money to have some limited editions from your favourite music.

The more limited, the better and the more obscure the hardest to get your hands & ears on.

Lucky you, Knowone, a label that chose to promote the music (dub techno heavily influenced by the Basic Channel sound) rather than the artists’ names (all of their releases appear as Unknown – Untitled) released recently the Knowone Timber Box, a 5-vinyl pack enveloped into a nice wooden box.


All the 10 tracks are bearing the dusty echoing rhythm specific to pure dub techno. Each record, individually packed into his own sleeve, has a different shade.

Yet the timber box deserves our attention: you can handle the records without touching them, using the special velvet band and the included record butler. And, the thing that would make any record collector drool, each box is hand numbered so you’ll know you’re special 🙂

Not to mention the 2 CDs included in the box.

And yes, we have it on stock so hurry up and grab it till it’s not too late. Press this link to go directly to the product page.