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Sit – Sideways

Sit why did we like it

Why did we like SIT – Sideways so much

With just 4 releases in 5 years, no wonder we held our breaths when we first heard the Sideways LP news: the SIT debut album, spanned across no less than 5 records!

So we waited patiently to sneak inside Sideways Invisibility Theory‘s detailed perspective on electronic music (in case you’ve ever wondered what does SIT stand for :D). And, boy, did our wait paid off!! Their signature sound, placed between Cristi Cons’ dancefloor-oriented deep textured beats and Vlad Caia’s vivid electronic experiments, gets morphed into subtle forms of deep house, raw techno, breakbeat and acid house. So many approaches, so many ties with different underground corners of electronic music, yet one thing that keeps them close together: THE GROOVE!

The cherry on top is by all means the acid-tinged Angels, placed on Side A of the final record.

Our personal favorites: Brooklyn | StepByStep |Angels

Definitely one of the most consistent and complete releases, forward thinking in its essence, SIT Sideways will probably pass the test of time to entertain many ravers generations to come. Woop!