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Romanian Flavours: Tony Sicoria – Impromtu [Outhere]

Misbits Record Shop

We continue our journey through the quality releases the Romanian underground has to offer with this 4 tracker signed by Tony Sicoria and released on Outhere, a sublabel of the Inhere imprint.

To match his life story, that seems to be cut from some Marvel-esque blockbuster (apparently he’s a doctor that got struck by lightning, resulting in an insatiable hunger for piano music), the Impromtu EP gets weirder with every track. And that’s a good thing: it’s weird to find the groove into the phaser like vocoders that bounce back and forth against the smooth baselines (in Imune), it’s even weirder to find an amazing groove into the dub techno themed reverbs (check Catskill). Not to mention the ghoul whining superimposed onto the sick minimalistic pattern of Fantaisie. And to end up in style (make it a deep house style), we taste a bit of a summerish vibe with Algo, made in Romania.

Tony Sicoria – Impromtu is available exclusively at Misbits Record Shop, you can check some audio samples and buy it while it’s still available in stock with a click here