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Pick Of The Week: Calibre – Even If

MisBits Record Shop - Calibre

If you tasted just a tiny bit of the drum ’n bass effervescent sound, we’re pretty sure you’ve been hit at least once with Dominick Martin’s productions: staying true to the old skool sound yet with his unique classy touch.

So, with these thoughts in mind we cheered up the repress of one of his greatest albums: Even If (and trust us, this guy is really prolific!). After all, everybody gets a bit nostalgic when it comes to good ol’ drum ’n bass.

Spanned on 3 records, featuring the absolute banger that gives also the album’s name, Even If is a proof that the drum ’n bass sound evolved on its own: liquid in some parts, smoothly integrating jazzy bits, Even If makes a proper comeback into our record collection, whether we crave after the golden bass era or we just want to slam some drum ’n bass bangers on a home party equipped with a decent soundsystem.

You can listen to samples and buy Calibre – Even If with a click here