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Here Are Our Staff Picks For September

It was about time to return to our old digging habits after this epic summer. Lots and lots of records to  check so our appetite for discovering mind blowing vinyl releases was satisfied 100%. The hardest thing to do was actually to keep this list down to only 3 records, just to pass towards you the pleasure of discovering new music throughout Misbits’ shop.

So, let’s get down to business: here are our favourite picks for September 2019, don’t sleep on these ones as they’re selling fast 😉 

Happy digging!

Orli – LORI001

If there was a darker side of electronic music, then Orli is one of its regular visitors. This EP is soaked into a heavy electro atmosphere, finding also room for weird electronic experiments. All the tracks are perfect tools to surprise your crowd at any given time during your set. It’s one of those releases that get better and better every time you play it.

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Our favourite track: Strat

matteo. – THREADS002

Deep house made in Italy by a mysterious record label? Yes, sir! matteo. takes us on a sunny trip with his soft Detroit textures and electro nostalgia. To be played when the dance floor is asking for some positive feelings around sunrise 😉

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Our favourite track: Byba

DJ Cream / Black Loops – City Lights

“If House was a nation, I wanna be president…” These infamous lyrics apply perfectly to this split collab between DJ Cream and Black Loops. DJ Cream’s Smile & Stay High, the label focused on the housier side of electronic music, has hit us with City Lights, a 4 tracker that would please the ears of anyone digging a refreshed house music sound, Its influences go all the way back to the NY house scene from the 90s’, regardless if we follow the subtle Rhodes bits or the hard pressed kicks.

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Our favourite track: Stay High