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Misbits Top 5 Vinyl Chart – November 2019

What’s better than a hot cup of tea sipped on a cold November day, while wearing your favourite fluffy sweatshirt? A good ol’ session of crate digging through records filled with some fine cuts of electronic music. At least for us, the people in love with these black pieces of wax 🙂

So, we picked a few favourites while digging through the fresh releases we received on the past couple of weeks. A bit of everything: minimal house (of course), various shades of deep house, electro and a bit of funk, also.

1. Sahau – Cielo (click here for audio samples / add to cart)

Dan Andrei, Paul Agripa and Kozo are once again joining forces in the studio for another stellar release under the Sahau moniker. Murky basslines all over the EP, groove stripped to its abstract heart and vague jazz allusions. You know the drill: Sahau the three-headed dragon, throwing flames of avangarde electronic music all over us 🙂

2. Freaks – Lets Do It Again Part 3 (click here for audio samples / add to cart)

Ricardo Villalobos with a weirdly shaped minimal techno jam, a dance floor destroyer created for the most pretentious dance machines by The Martinez Brothers and Freaks’ house nostalgia. Still not convinced? Try Turning Orange electro version!

3. Chaos In The CBD – Hydrate (click here for audio sample / add to cart)

Mule Musiq has a special place in our hearts, when it comes to spacey electronic music. Chaos In The CBD drops Hydrate, a deep house odyssey for those moments when the dance floor needs a memorable respiro time.

4. Dego – Twelve Steps (click here for audio samples / add to cart)

If James Brown had a thing with house music, then it should probably sound like Dego’s Twelve Steps: funky riffs synchronized over the 4/4 sick beat, built to make you dance like nobody’s watching.

5. Barry Helafonte – One Night (click here for audio samples / add to cart)

Smooth is the first word that came into our minds while listening to this silky release coming from Spain’s Pulp imprint. You can trace the vibes on this one all the way back to the 80s’ glorious synth-pop years, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon soft shapes of electro. Machine love all over!