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Misbits Recordings Launching Event

MisBits Record Shop - misbits recordings

We, humans, like to create, to build, to expand. We cut down centuries old trees to grow concrete and glass monsters. We divert rivers to produce energy and feed our hunger for power.We destroy in order to create an artificial world ruled by the digital laws of ones and zeros.
Strangely enough, this is where our story begins. A quest to find a fragile balance between nature and the human shaped ecosystem. Bringing back the equilibrium between 2 universes. An experiment!

Both digging their own paths through the labyrinth of electronic music, spending countless nights creating sound revelations through the binary language of drum machines and synths, Ioana Parlog and Cosmin Dumitru crafted different visions, yet the real magic sparked when all their thoughts crossed paths in the same studio.
From the totally different revelations came the idea of using sounds to bring together the nature and the urban landscape. Field recordings fused into synthetic pads for their first ambient experimental live session, held at Point Art Hub in April 2017. The custom Void Acoustics soundsystem, the feelings of rain and wind, the art installation and the trippy visuals by Daniel Bega|AuralEye immersed the 50 carefully selected people into this weird urban universe where nature seemed to regain its powers.

The event was built as a 3-acts story: the opening, a 25 minutes live act featuring a fusion between Ambisonics recordings, electronic music instruments and effects that ended with Cristian Cotarcea twisted narration about experiencing the full flavours of being in nature, accompanied by Silviu Purcariu’s celestial hang drum performance. Revealing the art installation (concept by Obie Platon, production by Filip Lucian) marked the second act, leaving Romeo Poirier and his amazing 40 minutes live ambient set to close the event.

First step was made, now on to the next one: present our vision to the entire world: Misbits Recordings, a 10 inch imprint focused on the experimental, musique concrete, ambient and downtempo. Keeping Side A for the guest artists, already established as well as less known, to express their musical vision, as Side B is reserved for locked grooves, Misbits Recordings releases are set to reveal artists and their unique take on the music’s vast ocean.
First release will be a powerful statement, with Romeo Poirier, Boris Hegenbart and David Moss to open this amazing sound journey under the Misbits Recordings hood.

Hand in hand with rather unexpected melanges of live performances, this label will be our modern compass to guide us into fascinating new worlds of sound.

Credits to all our friends that made this possible: