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Misbits Mystery Boxes Reloaded – Our Personal Record Selection

Personal Record Selection - MisBits Record Shop

As much as you like to stick your fingers into record crates to dig up some electronic gems, every now and then you enjoy receiving surprizes.

So, to satisfy your needs, Misbits Record Shop becomes your personal record selector (you know, like every superstar DJ has :D) and prepares 4 Mystery Boxes, each of them containing 18 records + 1 promo, with their sounds crossing the dub, deep house, house and techno territories. No doubt about our selection, it’s strong one 😉

Now this is your chance to add something unexpected to your record collection. Each box, unique in its way, costs 150 euros incl. shipping.

If you are interested in buying one of these 4 boxes, drop us a private message on our facebook page 😉