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Love Is On The Wax

MisBits Record Shop - Wax

No doubt about it. Your record collection would never disappoint you and this is why you take good care of it, expanding it even if you sometimes have to go in debt 🙂 You go to sleep thinking of vinyl, you wake up the same way. This is what we call true love for the wax.

And what a perfect moment to celebrate these feelings! This Valentine’s Day take your loved one (no, not your record case, the loved one in flesh and blood) and come visit us for a nice surprise. The first 4 couples who will spend 100 lei at Misbits Record Shop on the 14th of February receive our special Love On The Wax pack: 1 record and 1 handmade Mibits headphone pouch. So everybody will be happy on this Valentine’s: you, your loved one and your vinyl collection!