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How To Win A Void Acoustics Indigo Home Setup

No need to introduce you to the Void Acoustics world of immersive dancefloor audio. Even if you didn’t know it’s Void, you’ve probably experienced their amazing sound systems at least once in your clubbing life. The Arad based ABC collective present themselves as the sole distributor in Romania. It goes without saying that their Void powered parties became sort of legendary when combined with the ABC signature sound. If you’re not familiar with Always Bring Cash, you should check their brand new digital label on the official bandcamp page.

Until the party season restarts (hopefully soon!), ABC partnered with Void for a sweet contest: you can win a Void Acoustics Indigo Home Cinema Sound by acquiring one of the ABC packages from here: a ticket pack for 3 ABC parties in 2021, worth 119 lei, an ABC T Shirt worth 119 lei or all the above for a cool 189 lei! This way you can upgrade your sound setup at home while offering a much needed support for small underground collectives like ABC, in order to survive these tough times! Hurry up, as the competition closes on the 28th of April!