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Airbag Craftworks x Misbits Record Shop


There’s a lot of things we like about the Germany: the utterly amazing music produced in its undergrounds, the efficient and powerful cars, the fairytale mountain landscapes, the impossible-to-enter clubs, the simple yet practical bags, the comfy clothes…. WAIT! Clothes & accessories? From Germany?

Yup, and not some random ordinary boutique but the famous Frankfurt based Airbag Craftworks brand, now available at Misbits Record Shop with a few selected items that not only would draw the connaisseurs attention but would give you a hip look and a cozy feeling.

For now you can choose from a small selection of 100% cotton T shirts (made in Germany).

DJs beware, we have the infamous Chateau Vinyl bag, where you can fit no less than 75 12″ records. This shock absorbing bag comes with some uber cool features: it can be divided in 2 equal parts so you can easily browse the record selection in any club situation and it also has a detachable pouch for small stuff like your headphones, USB sticks and other personal belongings (really helpful for the frequent flying DJs). Did we mention the included cover to protect your bag even more?

Girls beware, we also got you covered! The Easy To Jet bag was specially created for you to throw things inside it without worrying you’d run out of space. Waterproof and super resistant (like any accessory made in Germany), this tote bag combines the german pragmatic vibe with the typical Airbag Craftworks coolness.

You can shop our Airbag Craftworks selection here or, if it happens for you to be in Bucharest, Romania, you can come by our shop if you’d like to dig into our record selection, also.