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Check Out These Weird Looking Slipmats!

Face it: you are that kind of person who appreciates a quality slipmat, as reliable and durable as a Moodymann track dropped on a Sunday evening outdoor party.

But have you ever thought of making those fractions of seconds between changing records a bit trippy? We have quite an interesting selection down below and yeah, make sure you check our custom slipmats collection, available here (you have a small preview below, a Misbits collab with Victor Balutiu).

This slipmate, tho’ looking completely inoffensive, might put you in hunger mood quite fast.

A glimpse from the near future

Everybody loves bears! Including these creepy teddybears spiraling themselves into acid colors.

Look right into the center!!! And listen to this: Take me to your leader!

A galaxy at the tip of our needle? Seems cool

Is there any vinyl release for the PacMan soundtrack?

I really, really want to meet the person who bought a Nosferatu slipmat ?

We present you the first gun hidden into a slipmat

We felt the need to put also a movie reference, so a stencil like Stormtrooper was the perfect choice!