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Here’s How You Can Turn Your House Into A Record Collector’s Dream Crib

Record Collector

Living with your increasingly growing passion for records can turn itself into a crowdy business sometimes: records stacked all over your apartment, taking all the free space even in the kitchen, acummulating dust and transforming your living area into a horder’s paradise. Yeah, we know the feeling 🙂

Apart from the standard IKEA furniture that helps you store your precious 12″ collection, there are a few tips & tricks to clear up some space and make you enjoy your records once again. We dug a bit into the craftsman’s heaven, Etsy, and found a few sollutions that won’t break the bank, made in Europe (just to keep the shipping costs at a decent rate).

The Record Shelf – around 50 euros

The walls are usually an unused space so choose your best looking records and display them on these nice looking shelves.

The Record Crate – around 50 euros

Wooden crates are pretty stylish and these UK made ones in particular are stackable and pretty sturdy. They can fit around 100 records each 😉

The Record Holder – around 60 euros

As we’re pretty sure you have some favourites you’d like to keep them close to your pickup, this record holder will do the simple job of stacking them nicely and will also give you space to search through them in no time