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Crate Digging With Tripmastaz


Smooth grooves drawn on a deep house canvas, all packed under the Ulybok Tebe Ded Makar EP for BodyParts. Abstract percussions that fill the space between random loops and intriguing voices, released under the allmighty Nervmusic. A bit of dub techno galore for Berg Audio. However you’ve discovered Tripmastaz’ sound, you were clearly touched by those twisted ideas we’ve only encountered in Russia’s thriving underground.

With a huge back catalog of releases for various record labels, including his very own Tripmastaz, Plant 74 Records and Call_lab, Andrei draws his energy from an amazingly versatile creative mind. His latest EP, Partying With Illusions (available now on your local record shop as well as the major online distributors), makes no difference: old skool broken beats filtered down to a minimalistic state where Tripmastaz feels very confortable.

Tripmastaz’ musical universe is definitely worth exploring, so we challenged him to pick 5 records that have recently caught his attention. And ours, for sure ?

Huerta – Echo Your Thoughts EP

Unknown Artist – CCCP Edits 4

Omni A.M. – Remastered / Remixed / Unreleased

Motorbass – 1st EP

BadBadNotGood – LateNightTales