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Behind The Concept – IntuitFM

We have all found ourselves at that point where we want to hear some nice music while walking, driving, doing chores or just when we want to relax, but sometimes we just can’t seem to decide what to listen.

So long to those times when instead of actually listening to music, we spent time thinking what to listen or just hit play to that same playlist we’ve been hearing all week!

For more than a year, the team behind has been our daily beats provider, and they never fail to deliver 😉

Ever since the guys opened this online radio station, we literally heard it grow more and more with each passing month, they have a very nice playlist which suits every music-head out there looking for something fresh to hit their speakers 😀

Let’s hear a little bit from the “intuits” themselves 🙂

🗨️ I think the question on everybody’s mind is… who’s behind IntuitFM? How did this concept got created?

This project is the fruit of a longstanding friendship between Dan Andrei, Paul Agripa and Serban Goanta (Kozo).

We realised during the pandemic that we are listening to a lot of music that is not club related (all of us being djs) and we thought about making it possible to listen to it anywhere, anytime and most important, to be available to everyone.

🗨️ Listening to your radio we’ve noticed that each part of the day has a playlist with a certain energy to it, depending on the day and time it airs. Who’s responsible for the playlists?

We tried to pinpoint the moods and grooves of the day into different playlists so that we have the appropriate music for that time of the day.

We think of it as circadian but it’s heavily related to our timezone so actually it kinda makes sense only in Europe.

For the rest of the world it’s just good music, we hope, but it can get darker when not need be and vice versa.

Now we decided on bringing other people onboard, so actually these segments will be curated by passionate people who connected with us and fit the mood.

🗨️ New projects always bring with them good and bad things, as it’s natural to happen. What was most challenging about this project?

We tried not to put too much pressure on ourselves and let the things grow organically but technology is (when it shouldn’t) always a pain in the ass.

The most challenging thing was and is dealing with the bullshit ‘songs’ we hear so often from our service providers when things go wrong.

It’s like the track you never want to hear again, but you constantly do.

🗨️ We guess that sometime, in the near future, events will once again be allowed. Do you have plans for any future Intuit FM podcasts/events?

We did a few last summer at Spatiu Tehnic & Albastru, where we had some of our dj friends playing rather downtempo and triphop as opposed to their normal style.

Some of those recordings were made into podcasts which are available on our Soundcloud page.

Of course we would love to do those once again, but we want to bring live electronics acts in the equation also.

The new guys onboard also have some ideas and this could have an exponential effect.

Stay tuned!

🗨️ This last question will be a little imagination experiment. Let’s say it’s the final day before Earth is destroyed, what’s the last record you would listen to and why?

Change by Bugge. Because to build you have to destroy first. Change.

In the end, all we want to say is that we wish the guys alot of luck with their radio project and whatever else they have in stock, we hope this has been a little bit educational for you (our readers) aswell 😀

Now, let’s enjoy together this insane ‘end of the world’ track they shared, it’s worth listening, trust us 😉

Peace! <3