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Sedee’s Selection: 5 Records We Dug From Misbits’ Used Records Crates

Sedee - Misbits Record Shop

First and foremost, a true DJ is a an avid record collector. It’s not just about entertaining the crowds, it’s about the hard work (if we can name it work :D) of digging out records from dusty crates stored improperly in flea markets and of spending countless hours jumping from obscure label to obscure label on discogs. It’s about that gut feeling when you play an used, forgotten vinyl and it somehow matches your soul’s frequency.

Mannheim’s Sebastian & David aka


are falling into this category of artists. We saw the sparks in their eyes when they dug out Misbits’ crates a few months ago so we knew they have a record story to share so we challenged them name 5 records they found in the used sections of Misbits Record Shop during their last visit. Here it is 🙂

And don’t forget: spend some time digging and the rest will come easy 😉

James Flavour & Sasse – Who’s In Da House [DIRT 041]

Here we have a big house stomper with a warm, driving baseline, which makes you dance immediately. The vocal snippets in the back create a very nice, forward pushing atmosphere! There is one vocal I don’t like that much but in the end you can do an edit without it 🙂 This track is perfect for peaktime moments!

Studio 01/8 – light pink label

This label is a part of “profan” records cologne. Two very long minimal tracks which are produced on point. One side got this massive baseline and some very nice synth chords in the backround. If you have a proper soundsystem , this one could be played at every night (or day) period. Both tracks are a very intelligent piece of electronic music. The flipside is not that groovy but sometimes it’s good to have it in your bag.

Birdsmakinmachines [LIZM12]

On the long side we have a track with its very own atmosphere. The arrangement is what I love the most. The first minutes are just a drum beat with a powerfull base. The best moment is when this little melody turns in!! It’s very emotional. If you play it at the right moment it develops into a hymn. Full support for these guys!!

Tommi White – Pushin’ [OBL12008]

The A1 track ‘Pushin’ shows the typical UK Tech-House Sound from the early 2000’s. A tribal groove percussive beats which makes a perfect tune for peak time. I prefer the flipside ‘In his ear’ which is a timeless House Bomb! Also good for peak-time moments with a nice melodie and a surprising peak.

Various – Southsiders EP [RWX002]

The main track ‘Marlin'(Broom + Hill) is a groovy Housetrack with deep melodic
chords and a warm synth-melodie. Nice for for open air in summertime. My favorite tune on this EP follows on A2.’dislikes'(Broom/Junker) gives me a warm and positive feeling every time I hear it. A groovy Bassline and an epic melodie keeps it in your head and in my recordbag for a long time.