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Special Deals! Record Store Day @ Misbits Record Shop

Misbits Record Shop - Record Store Day

Around 1889 this guy named Emile Berliner created these lateral-cut discs that served as a recording medium for sound. Yeah, they had a shitty quality and were mostly used for toys or weird hi tech stuff but this was what we today call the great grandfather of vinyl records.

And these rounded pieces of black plastic wrote history, witnessing some of the biggest events in music, recording famous voices, becoming icons for tens of generations, developing passions and addictions or breaking hearts.
It’s bulky, it needs huge storage spaces, it can break apart easily, it wears off after multiple plays, it even sounds nowhere near perfection. But maybe these are some of the reasons we love it. If there is something in this world that embodies the music into something you can touch, smell, hug or care after, then the vinyl record is exactly that!

Record Store Day was born in 2007 to celebrate the culture of the independently owned records stores. And this small gathering, held every year since then on the third Saturday of April, grew up insanely fast into an international event that Misbits Record Shop is proudly part of.

So, to mark it properly, we asked a few of our DJ friends to come and play some of their favourite records on our terrace!

Not to mention the special deals: all the orders over 10 records, made until the 16th of April, get the chance to win our Mystery 5-Pack: 5 carefully selected records that will blow your mind (did anyone say an [a:rpia:r] release among them? :D). No intention in buying 10 records? No worries! Any order placed on the Record Store Day will give you a chence to win a Misbits T shirt or slipmat!

Got your attention? Then start digging online or visit our shop for the coolest party this spring has to offer!