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Here’s A Tasty Record Selection Trip With RoToPercutor


Batz and Borac know each other since forever. And their most beloved project, RotoPerCutoR, is nothing more than their common passion for collecting and playing good music on wax. By good music we mean that special groove that transcends genres and labels, be it hip hop, funk, soul, house music or trip hop.

RotoPerCutoR were with Misbits Record Shop since the first day we opened (Batz & Borac were invited to play at our launching party) and they will be joining our 6th anniversary party on March the 14th, 2019, together with Chill D, Alex Puicea and Profet.

To get you right into the mood for an afternoon party, we challenged the guys to hint us with a handful of records so start taking notes for your next crate digging session.

First record you’ve bought from Misbits Record Shop (if you still remember it)

Batz: Chris Simmonds – Controlled Emotions

Borac: Dee Landez – Only You Will Know

The track / record that captures perfectly Misbits’ vibe

Batz: S. Moreira – That Was Just A Dream

Borac: The African Dream – All The Same Family

The record that never left your DJ bag

Batz: The Deep – Love Your Brother

Borac: Vil-N-X – Give Ya Luv Show Ya Luv (Deep Luv Mix)

The record you’d play on a nice March afternoon at a backyard party

Batz: The Program – Desire

Borac: 52nd Street – Tell Me (Extended Vers.)