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Here Is A Short List Of Record Players To Satisfy Your Home Listening Needs

After a long, hard working day and a proper meal, time to step into your favourite slippers, enjoy a glass of your usual vice and spend some time with your precious record collection, displayed nicely in your room. At the center of this vinyl universe is your beloved record player, chosen carefully to respect a specific list of criterias, not too expensive and at the same time not falling into the plastic-y toyish side of record players, treasuring sound quality, yet not spending a few thousand euros 🙂

As usual, we come at hand with a short list of record players that would suit your basic home listening needs without breaking your bank account.

Pro-Ject Primary

Record Players

The least expensive unit from Pro-ject’s turntable lineup, Primary delivers a warm sound in a package that follows this brand minimalistic design. The visible drive belt is a nice design touch and the Ortofon NM cartridge that comes included gets the job done, without pretending to be more than it is. Yet, at 200 euros you don’t expect to fall into the audiophiles category.

Sony PS-HX500


Is there a HiFi gear list without a Sony product included? Guess not, as the Japanese giant does literally every electronic thing known to mankind. The PS-HX500 is a nice compromise between the sweet analog feel of playing wax and the need to digitalize your record collection for having it at your disposal while home away. With a rather dull design, this pickup offers a lively and transparent sound. While we’d recommend to use it with a standalone phono stage, you can hook it to your computer via the USB port. And if you watch out for discounts at this time of the year, you can get one for around 350 euros.

REGA Planar 1

rega planar 1

The king is back, with a few tweaks to make it wear the crown proudly in 2018, too! Planar 1 2018 edition comes with a revamped tonearm, with precision bearings and bias adjustment that make things even easier to set up and with a greater platter weight for steadier sound. And these would be most probably the best way you can spend 350 euros this Christmas: unrivaled performance at this price range and if you’ll add the 100 euros perfomance pack (upgraded belt, wool slipmat and a moving magnet cartridge) you’ll get yourself a record player that would definatelly stand the test of time for many years to come.