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Paul Popa’s Vinyl Selection: Deep & Fresh Diggings

Misbits Record Shop - paulpopa

If you’re a searching for the music quality rather than the hype at parties usually go under the radar, chances are you danced to Paul Popa’s selection for a few times. Avid collector and passionate digger, Paul started his DJ career somewhere in Bristol, also organizing parties under the Varme name.

Curious by nature, we kindly asked Paul for a sneek-a-peek into his freshest record loot, just to make a short preview for what’s about to come on Saturday, the 21st of May, at Misbits Record Shop, when he will mix up some records for AudioLab RadioShow relaunch party.

A-J-Scent ‎– Sense The Presense

I’ve been hunting this for a while and luckily I managed to buy a cheap copy when someone put it on sale on Discogs. My pick is Sense the Presense (the reason why i purchased it). Great bassline, works well on the dancefloor 🙂

Mesak – Haivenet

What I love (and hate sometimes) about Discogs is that you go on a path looking for new stuff you haven’t heard off and after 1 hour of spending time on it, you realize you have over 30-40 tabs open in your browser and it’s nearly crashing. However, with a lot of patience, you discover releases like Mesak’s on Klakson (Dexter & Steffi’s label). Great spacey electro bits, my favorite being Saturdaynight Teaser, which i play it as much as i can 🙂

DJ E Tones ‎– Detergent For The Soul

Bit of a classic one for me. I always loved to listen to it and managed to buy a copy recently. Bit hard to find a spot for it to play, but it’s a great addition for the collection. Favorite track is Soul Detergent with a great rhythm and amazing jazz samples and vocals.

Etienne – Airmetique

Lately, I’ve been buying less new releases with the exception of couple of producers and labels. One of those producers is Etienne, a French talent that delivers mindblowing sets as a DJ and amazing productions. My pick is Delphus, a darker track with rolling UK Garage drums (reminds me of the early 2000s pre-Dubstep time). Perfect to sneak it in a warmup 🙂

Ever Vivid ‎– Sketches Of My Life

Last pick is a release by Ever Vivid on Open Mind Recordings. I purchased a record by The Echelon Plan a while ago and I looked for his other stuff. I discovered his side project as Ever Vivid alongside Nick Dunton and was blown away by one particular track entitled ‘Lost Love’, which is my favorite on this release. Amazing Electro rhythm and alongside those warm pads and enchanting vocals, in the background, make the perfect track to dance and play during daytime or as a last track in a set. 🙂