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Misbits’ Highlights In 2020


Oh, boy, 2020 was a bumpy ride for most of us! Yet Misbits managed to survive it, also thanks to your support throughout the whole year ? We managed to keep the spirit alive with our usual in-store live sessions, with our crates hosting a neat selection of records and with the same friendly vibe you’re already used to.
So yeah, good bye 2020, we learned a lot from you, but now it’s time to get ready for the exciting things to come in 2021! Peace & Love ???
To round up this year, we made a list with this year’s highlights, hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did while compiling it at Misbits Record Shop! Click on the EP links, as you might be in luck to find it still in stock.

A podcast / mix series we fell in love this year

Our favourite radiostream in 2020:

The fastest selling record from our shop in 2020

Afriqua – Four Fleurs

Our favourite record artwork

Flip Fantazia – The Trip

The nicest surprise we had this year (from a record):
1. NWS – Next To Real

2. Tommy Vicari jnr – Tommy Vicari Jr. EP Pt. 3

3. A² / Stopouts – Go With The Flo

The record label from which we stocked the biggest number of releases in 2020


Our favourite producer in 2020