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Meet Misbits’ Friends & Customers

As we’re celebrating 3 years since we sold the first record at Misbits Record Shop, we thought of finding out a bit more about our friends & customers from different corners of the world so we challenged a few of them to tell us the most precious pieces of vinyl they own.

“Thanks to Misbits i can keep the best connection with what i most love, Romanian club culture and its sounds”. Claudio, who changed the sunny Spain for the grey London, visited Misbits last year on his way home from Sunwaves15. It was the perfect moment to add a few records to his 4000 pieces collection. Maybe some of you know him playing music under the Nacho Campo alias 😉 Last time we saw him dancing was in Denver at Vinyl Club, where Black Madonna was playing.

We asked Claudio to hit us with 3 of his favourite records he bought from Misbits:

Istanbul based Maxi Storrs stepped into our shops a while ago, guided by some of his friends. It was love at first sight: our extended selection of romanian producers is what he was searching to add on top of his 2000 vinyls collection. In love with [a:rpia:r], Maxi places Misbits in top 3 record shops across the globe. Sooo happy to hear this, especially coming from a vinyl lover DJ like this guy!

Last but not least, we thought this was the perfect moment to give some small presents to a few of our loyal customers & friends:

Claudiu Bobinca, our top customer, will receive 1 record along with our hugs & kisses!

Thomas Molnar, Mihai Jurmoni and Alin Dreghiciu are also among our top customers so keep an eye on your inbox as you’ll receive a gift coupon soon 😉