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Are You In Love With The Technics SL1200? Then You Have To See This

technics sl-1200

You know it’s going to be a classic when your design changes so little in so many years. Take the VW Beetle, for example: the car that rejuvenated the German post war society has kept its iconic shapes to these years we live in and it’s still a car you turn your head after it.

Same thing goes with the Technics SL-1200. Launched over 45 years ago, this turntable kept its silhouette, adding just a few design corrections, mainly to make it more usable. And, dude, Japan’s craftsmen have an eye for fine details. Everything looks perfect: from the pitch fader to the small light, ending up with that smooth feeling when you speed up or down your record. Yes, that feeling.

So you can imagine the pleasure we had when we discovered this video created by The Vinyl Factory, that showed us the internals of this famous turntable. So, sit back, pop a beer and enjoy this short movie starring the all time favourite: Technics SL-1200