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3 Record Labels With A Modern Take On Deep House

deep house

Deep House. Two words that were usually used to tag that type of electronic music with a special groove, impossible to describe in other words yet easy to feel it. Sometimes it is that Rhodes piano giving you shivers down the spine, sometimes it is a clap that puts you straight into a daydreaming mood, sometimes it is just the bassline… From the late 80’s, when the likes of Marshall Jefferson and Larry Heard coined the term with their jazzy house productions bearing the Chicago influences, deep house mutated in all forms and shapes, yet keeping the tempo to a maximum 125BPM, comfortable, hypnotic and relaxing.

Fast forward 30 years, in our times, when deep house mislabels a lot of artists and record labels, but continues to evolve, as hybrid with multiple genres influences. So, as a proof to the diversity that lies behind this tag, we have chosen 3 labels that released some interesting records of what we call a modern take on deep house. Be sure you follow them, click on the link to check the Misbits’ stocks:

Vibraphone: italian label born in the early 90s’, now back with some really interesting releases like Opto Mystics

Red Ember Australia – Australian deep house label based in Perth, active during 2001 and revitalized in 2016

Lehult – Deep house made in Hamburg, Germany