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We Talked With Silat Beksi About The Hot Ukrainian Underground

silat beksi

Beyond the agitated political context that tore Ukraine in many pieces in the last years, electronic music has proven to be a common language that caught our attention when looking to the Eastern part of Europe. The underground electronic scene is thriving, with the likes of Vakula or Nastia leading the way and opening new horizons for the new wave of Ukrainian producers. Silat Beksi is one of them: a signature sound both obscure and extremely danceable, combining elements of tech house with traces of minimal house that send us to right in the middle of the infamous Romanian hype, has made its way on the underground dance floors through releases on Pleasure Zone, Baile Musik or Vivus Records.

So it was about time to explore a bit deeeper into these territories, so we asked Silat Beksi to shed some light on the hot Ukrainian scene, pointing out some new producers, clubs and record labels. You can check Silat’s releases on our record stock here

How did you end up with this passion for electronic music?
Silat Beksi: First of all I had a dream to play vinyl and to create own music. My musical career began back in 2003 with DJing and I was constantly experimenting, discovering and creating music with different software. It took a number of years to learn how everything works and to find my algorithms in production.

Are there any Ukrainian DJs & producers that were a source of inspiration for you?
Silat Beksi: Actually nope.

If we want to taste the electronic underground scene in Ukraine, what clubs should we visit?
Silat Beksi: I’m living at the south of Ukraine near the Black Sea. It’s the most beautiful city with sunny days and a sea breeze. Here in Odessa we have well known club, called Port. On the other hand there is club Closer situated in Kyiv.

Vinyl is part of the electronic music culture since the beginning. Is there a favourite record shop you visit often in your home country that offers you what you need in terms of house & techno records?
Silat Beksi: My favourite store is Wax’N’Talks. The place has a warm atmosphere and very nice people. The owner is my good friend, a DJ with great experience, a digger and simply an amazing person. That’s why it’s a place where I like to spend my time and buy vinyl.

One Ukrainian record label we should keep an eye on
Silat Beksi: Modeight Records

One producer coming from Ukraine that impressed you this year.
Silat Beksi: Vakula is a guy I met this year. We spent some time together and I was impressed with his production skills and passion for music.

Any new releases from you this year?
Silat Beksi: I have a few more EPs out this year. One of them on Pleasure Zone and another one on Curtea Veche