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Girls Love Vinyl: NOR

There’s something magical about the cloudy skies. Evasive shapes letting your imagination run wild, smooth formations blending with each other seamlessly, colors sliding along to form unseen nuances. I guess you all know that feeling.

NOR (Romanian for cloud) does exactly this: translates cloud feelings into music for quite a few years. You don’t have to take our word for it, just hit the play button on her most recent set, built for our cute little Girls Love Vinyl series. The mix is accompanied by an interview, placed on a different note than you’re used with.

Enjoy it as much as we did!

 The Netflix / HBO series you have binged on longer than your longest afterparty. For how many hours?

Afterparties can be long and i don’t binge that much. I could say i had a Star Trek phase a few years ago, but nothing worth mentioning ever since.

Supposing you believe in reincarnation, who were you in the Middle Ages?

The Middle Ages seem like a dark, scary time to be alive. If reincarnation is a thing, i sure hope i skipped the Middle Ages.

The detox meal that worked best for you

Unprocessed and diverse meals, as many raw veggies and fruits as possible, preferably locally grown and in season. Nothing fancy.

You have to choose between running a record shop in Alaska and working in a cubicle in the Bahamas. What offer do you accept? Why?

 Giving that i don’t tolerate cold very well and I’m more into buying records than selling them, i would go for Bahamas, for sure!

Your favourite Powerpuff Girl

After completing an online survey from a trustworthy website, turns out i’m 50% Buttercup, 30% Blossom and 20% Bubbles. Not so sure about that.

How does the music makes you feel? Also when you play

It can make me feel happy or sad or anything in between, depending on the music. When i play i feel loved and rewarded, but also quite nervous in the beginning.