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Girls Love Vinyl: Flysh

Flysh - Misbits Record Shop

We thought of bringing a bit of grace and smoothness behind our decks so we started a fresh new series entitled “Girls Love Vinyl”. Obviously, it’s about girls and their passion for records, regardless if they are DJs or just record selectors with a nice collection for their home listening.

The Smoothy Grooves is the perfect playground for this series so we started up in March with Flysh, as she came up mixing a nice selection of mainly deep house cuts, expressing her love for the melodic side of electronic music. Check below the little chat we had with her and, of course, the mix we recorded back then 🙂


How did you start collecting vinyl? Where does this passion come from?

I had a small record collection when I was a child, my father used to play me bedtime stories on a daily basis. This habit faded out with me growing up. In 2014, while I was in Germany, I came across some used electronics shops, where I found an old Sony pick-up that I adopted and then resumed building up my records collection.

What part of the electronic music attracts you the most? Name 3 record labels you love.

I mostly prefer listening to deep house and tech house, but I’m also a big fan of Romanian electronic music. My favorite labels are Smallville, Ourown releases and the Cabaret collection.

3 records you own and you’re most proud of

Hard to say, but I’ll pick:

  • Flocking behavior – Julius Steinhoff (my favorite LP)
  • Moment of clarity – Barac (one of my firsts Romanian records)
  • Parama 003 (latest acquisition)