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Five Romanian Record Labels To Watch In 2019


Yeah, we know it best: there’s a jungle of record labels that have chosen to release exclusively on vinyl, all of them with amazing music! Yet, the budget to be spent on fresh wax is limited, even if sometimes you prefer a healthy crate digging session and skip some wild weekend parties to save some money 🙂

So, to make your life easy, we made a short list with five Romanian record labels to watch in 2019, labels that have never disappointed us with their releases. So be sure to check what’s fresh from them, there’s always something amazing to be found 😉

Amphia Records

Run by Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia, Amphia has become home for their collaborative project as well as personal ones, along with some big names, like Rhadoo, Cezar or Dubtil. Vlad Caia opened up 2019 with Division II, second part of his LP, still available here


You cannot expect anything but good music from Raresh’ record label. Strongly focused on promoting young producers, MTRZ has launched artists like MP, Sublee or Melodie. Latests addition to its catalogue, MP’s Niste Treaba 2.2, is now on presale here


Sepp and Nu Zau are doing a great job at UVAR. Barac as well as Ada Kaleh were featured lately so 2019 will surely come with some nice surprises.


In search for what’s cooking in the house & techno underground? All you need to do is check the releases on Playedby, a fresh independent record label based in Bucharest. Emi and Discret Popescu (Crihan’s alter ego) are here, with a LIZZ EP announced for this year. In the meantime, give Ohm Hourani’s EP a spin to enjoy some nice sounds.


Alex Puicea expanded his record selector skills into the publishing area through Rackmizar. Melodie and Teluric are the names to first step into Rackmizar’s universe, expect something really good from this label in 2019!