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Exploring Bucharest Modular

This is a call to all Bucharest’s modular synth enthusiasts and electronic sound adventurers! Those of you who like to spend hours after hours patching, studying effects, discovering new modules, re-patching or you’re just really curious about all this analogue equipment world, Bucharest Modular Meet 2023 is the place you want to be this Autumn!

The event is a jubilation of cables, knobs, and the enchanting boxes filled with intricate modules that quicken our pulses. DJSuperStore will be the host of this gathering, which takes place on the 28th of October, 2023.

It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded fellow synth enthusiasts, elevate your synthesizer expertise, and embrace the essence of “Show and Tell.”

Speaking of Show and Tell, the organisers of the event are actually encouraging all those of you who would like to bring their own modular setup and exchange bits of knowledge about their Eurorack. Having all these machines around you means that you are about to witness a world of live performances which explore sound design without setting boundaries.

An event made by the community, for the community. What’s most amazing about this occasion is the fact that anybody can join for free!
The purpose of this gathering is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, where anyone, no matter their level of knowledge, can come and explore the world of modular synthesis.

With roughly 10 days left until the happening takes place, the only question that stands is: will you take part and step-up your eurorack game, or not? 🙂