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Crihan: Five Records That Never Leave My DJ Bag


Alin Crihan has made a habit of thrilling us in a nice way, when is comes to fine music. He built a constant flow of releases for the past 5 years, creating essential landmarks for imprints like Catren, UVAR, Stomping Grounds or Ruere.

Yet, as we all know it, the real thrill dwells on the dancefloor, where Crihan delivers his soft minimal house cuts. So we asked him to come up with short list of records he’s very fond of. Here they are, in no particular order, but all connected with that special vibe we all love to find on the dancefloor. Enjoy!

Sound Stream – All Night

Baaz – The Reason

Negghead / Basil ‎– The Lost Remixes

Beautiful Swimmers ‎– Sleepyhead

The Mountain People ‎– Mountain008