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8 Amazing RBMA Lectures That Would Change Your Perspective On Electronic Music

8 Amazing RBMA - MisBits Record Shop

At some point in your journey through the realms of electronic music you feel the need to go deeper, to discover what the artists are using as inspiration to create timeless pieces of music, to understand the transformations disco and hip hop took to give birth to house music, to value the history behind DJing, to praise the Detroit influence or appreciate the dub legacy.

Lucky for us, 20 years ago Red Bull Music Academy started the lecture series, featuring more than 400 interviews with musicians, producers and DJs, from the height of big festivals stages to the undergrounds of unknown basements.

So we decided to list our favourite ones, featuring some legends that brought a few revelations when it comes to what music represents:

Jeff Mills – 1998

Theo Parrish – 2005

Moritz von Oswald – 2008

Iggy Pop – 2016

Laurent Garnier – 2015

Frankie Knuckles – 2011

Brian Eno – 2013

Bob Moog – 2003