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3 Tips For Keeping Your Record Collection In Perfect Shape

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If you own a few pieces of vinyl then you’ve already experienced the mixed feelings in your love affair with records: the joy of finding some rare but a bit damaged records during your prolonged crate digging sessions, the despair when someone spilled beer on your record bag on some hot afterparty or the rage when your grandma stacked some of your records in the dustiest corner of your room.

For you and for those who want to extend the life of their precious wax, here are 3 easy steps to keep your records neat & clean

Here are 3 easy steps to keep your record neat & clean

1. Unless you like you records warped, store the records in a dry place, away from the sunlight. And yeah, I know this is a basic one but please remember to store them vertically and not on ground level as dust will make a permanent home from your sleeves.

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2. Techno Sloths tend to have a lot of dust around them so make a habit from cleaning the records on a regular basis, especially before playing them. The basic record cleaning kit should contain a micro fiber cloth and a cleaning brush, tools that would help cleaning the dust off the grooves. A cleaning spray is also a good anti-static protection 😉

3. Fortunately there are methods to prevent dusting. Anti-static sleeves will add a strong protection layer against this enemy. Oh, and you should buy a gun! No, not some lethal weapon to guard your invaluable collection but an anti-static gun to remove every single dust particle!