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3 Of Our Favourite Records, Listed On Misbits’ Discogs Account

discogs - Misbits Record Shop

Celebrating the loooong nights spent digging into virtual crates we thought it will be nice to show you 3 of our favourite records listed on Misbits’ Discogs account, an account filled with various types of carefully selected music, from some rare romanian folk to classical stuff, jazz sounds, disco tunes and, of course, a cool stock of electronic music. You’ll find hard to find stuff, with prices a bit over the average you’ll find on our shop but not too expensive 😉

1. Kassem Mosse – Workshop 12 [WORKSHOP]
an already classic oddball mixture of house & techno 😉

2. Baaz – Few Days [ELEVATE]
yeah, we’re suckers for quality deep house made in Germany

3. Louis Armstrong – Satchmo – What A Wonderful World [VERVE]
the master himself with a legendary album