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2021 In A Nutshell

Hello everybody! It’s so good to be back again for another crazy year (or maybe not thaat crazy.. i guess we will see)

The holidays are over but in our heads and hearts we are still dreaming about the good times we had, the amazing Christmas meals we’ve eaten and still missing the smell of the fir trees when entering people’s homes.. i am sure some of you can agree 😀

Going further down the memory lane, 2021 has been an intense year filled with good and bad moments, as all things should be 🙂
For today, let’s take a look back at the good moments this past year gave us.

After a tough recovery from 2020 (where you guys played a major role in helping us keep the gears turning, for which we will be forever grateful <3) we decided we needed to spice things up a little for 2021.
The whole world has changed and it was inevitable we need to change aswell.

Just after a little brainstorming session we came up with the “crafts’n records” concept, a small in-house event series where we collaborated with lots of talented people from various artistic domains.
The idea was simple, gather some like-minded artists, turn on the camera and let the creativity flow!

Every session we had some really nice music bumping through the speakers while something else was cooking up next to the DJs, from origami to paintings to clothing pieces making! (aand yes, we wanted to say “cooking up” because in the October edition we had a pizza fueled event on the terrace, you caught us :D)

We want to truthfully thank each person we’ve worked with in this past year, and not only! Without you guys, the memories would not have been this good!

This past year we also left our cosy little shop quite a few times, joining our fellow record sellers for some cool, monthly week-end record fairs! We feel like it has become sort of like a tradition, and even if we could not attend each and every record fair, we are glad to see growing interest towards vinyl and trully happy to be a part of this community, as we watch it grow bigger and bigger.

For this we only have to thank you, the people who come show interest and support the cause! You will forever have a special place in our hearts <3

All in all, 2021 was not such a bad year after all 🙂 Together with Club Guesthouse and Rhadoo we have organised our first Bucharest party outside the shop. It was the first party of the summer season and it turned out way better than expected!

It was a breath of fresh air all of us needed, the first proper dance after a long period of time in which we were not allowed to party. Everything was in place, the music, the people, the venue, the staff. Overall, it was definitely something we will dearly remember as long as we can <3 We are looking forward for the next one and we know you are too 😉

Twenty-twenty-two is a new chapter, yet to be filled with more moments which will soon become memories, there is still a lot of work to do and lots of records to be sorted 😉
We ask nothing of you, just to believe in us and what we are doing, and to keep supporting us if you want and can <3

Misbits will turn 9 years of activity this year, 9 years of keeping things running purely out of love and passion for music, but also because we like to see that little smile on your faces when you find that long sought record 🙂

Thanks for reading and for believing in us so far <3 We promise we won’t dissapoint!
All being said.. See you at the shop 😉