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Behind The Concept: Experiment INTRINSIC

In this article we are going to explore the beautiful story of Experiment Intrinsic, a concept that first started in 2014, under Nathalia Petkova‘s supervision and fuelled by her passion for the audiovisual arts.

The beginning of this journey takes us back to London, United Kingdom. Starting from 2014, Nathalia began a series of 5 evenings hosted at a unique water reservoir located in the city, evenings that slowly turned into the 5 days ambiental/experimental/spiritual festival we’re now awaiting 🙂

This year’s June edition will take place in Bulgaria, in the Bedouin wild forest residence, located near he Valevtsi village, somewhere in the heart of the Balkan mountains.

You now have the chance to get your ticket at a special price!! 

Contact the Experiment Intrinsic team via their facebook page or at, tell them you would like to grab a ticket and don't forget to mention about the Misbits discount!!!! 

Only 5 people can benefit from this one time deal :)

Before getting into more details, let’s take a step back and talk about what happened five years ago. The year 2017 was a turning point for the whole Experiment Intrinsic experience, the mesmerizing London evenings would now be completed (for the first time) by a five days festival, hosted at a place of historical significance in Dordogne, France.

In 2018, the London events moved to overnight gatherings in a new location, with a progressive 8-point surround sound system for a even better sound experience.

In 2020, the ALL IS ONE series was introduced, inviting us to explore a broad range of holistic experiences: sharing the wisdom of ancient knowledge, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, sacred ceremonies and many more spiritual practices.


In their own words, Experiment Intrinsic is “subtle yet expansive, introspective yet universal, we create a space with the support of likeminded people, to both collectively and individually explore the depth and richness of infinite existence“.

Nathalia’s and the team’s vision helped create a one of a kind festival environment, a world of its own, where people don’t just come to enjoy the music. The whole point of this concept is to enter a space where you feel welcomed, a place where everybody’s an equal and in which you have the chance to grow as an individual and acknowledge there are more things in life than what’s in front of us.

The wide variety of ceremonies and practices are put into place as a guide to help us reach higher states of being and experience a broad spectrum of emotions.

The whole experience will be glued together by an amazing selection of DJ sets and live performance acts, drawn from a wide array of styles: ambient, experimental, traditional/world, early electronica, avant-garde and contemporary music.

The visual act will be incorporated in the space where the festival takes place. Using nature and architecture as their canvas, the visual artists will paint organic and evolving projection mappings on the surrounding environment, further advancing the idea of a one of a kind world.

One thing that’s most fascinating about Experiment Intrinsic is the intimacy you get if you’re attending. For this year’s edition, only 300 tickets have been put up to sale, so if you count yourself amongst one of the lucky 300 people that will live the Intrinsic experience, we strongly recomment you read their ETIQUETTE.

Something most important above all else is respect + reciprocity, the respect we have towards the event planners and amongst ourselves.

The timing of the festival could not be better. The festival starts on June 21, at the turning of the Solstice, a time considered to have magical and healing properties since the ancient times. The energy of the earth will renew itself, bringing forward health and prosperity, so Experiment Intrinsic is a gathering in celebration of Earth and its life giving energies.

For those who would like to stay in Bulgaria for a little longer, the Intrinsic team has prepared the “Seven Rila Lakes Extended Trip”, a hike up in the mountains to the special Seven Rila Lakes, a place considered to be one of the many energetic portals of Earth.

So little time is left untill we meet for this year’s edition of Experiment Intrinsic, so while we’re getting ready for a life changing experience, let’s listen to some intrinsic podcasts/performances 🙂

One love! 💖

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Misbits Goes Out To Sunwaves

We think that many of us have been waiting for a little (or not so little) break from our day to day activities.. and the wait is almost over because SUNWAVES Festival is just one week away! Each year, the end of April marks the start of the summer festivals season!

For Romania, this means the spring edition of Sunwaves, where music heads from around the globe gather together for an insane 7 days non-stop party at the seaside where they enjoy hearing what their favourite artist have been cooking up lately 😀

As usual, the SW Team doesn’t dissapoint and has prepared a crazy line-up! From tech-house to minimal to breaks and electro, there’s a day and time for everybody! No matter what electronic music styles suit you, be sure you are in for a treat 🙂

After 15 years and more than 27 editions, the movement is still going strong and we hope that with each passing year, we will be able to create even more great memories together, dancing in the sun and near the waves!

We appreciate all the work they have done to make this happen and we wish them all the best with their future projects 💗

This year we thought it would be great to be part of this amazing festival and share our love for vinyl with you.. so we made it happen! If you want to find out more, we advise you keep on reading 😉

Many thanks for the SW Team for this collaboration 💗 Now, let’s get going with some details so you know what to expect.

The doors of our pop-up shop will open on Friday at 10 AM. You can find us and our record crates until Tuesday. We’ve already gathered a small team to help us these days so you can have plenty of time to come and check out some cool music!

We will be open everyday, but one important thing, closing time will probably be around sundown!

Speaking of music, we have specially prepared some crates for this occassion, with both new and second-hand records. Our stand will have listening stations and we will be more than glad to help you find the electronic music styles you’re looking for 😉

Besides vinyl, we will also be selling slipmats, vinyl care products such as record brushes, covers, sleeves and also some merch – shirts, totebags, books and a few blouses specially made for this occasion. These will be in limited numbers, so first come, first served! When it comes to records, we think there will be enough for everybody, hehe 😀

We are super excited about this and we hope this is exciting news for you aswell! We know that not everyone would have had the time to visit our shop in Bucharest.. so this time, we bring the shop to you 🙂

There’s only a week left until we meet on the beach.. so little time until we get together and create some more amazing memories together! Take care of yourselves and see you very very soon! One love <3

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The DJ’s choice: Dan Andrei

Words are often not enough to express that inner feeling music gives you. It does not matter how hard you try to describe it, there will always be that specific sensation which you are only able to feel, not put into words.

Over the years, Dan Andrei has proven to be one of Romania’s key players, a member of the arpiar family with 2 releases out on the label

[a:rpia:r] 09 – Prima In Cerc Are in 2011

followed by [a:rpia:r] 14 – Parcul Cosmos LP in 2015

He also released music on vinyl for Amphia, Kurbits Records and Be Chosen just to name a few other labels.

Having a keen ear for quality sound, each time he’s behind the dj booth he manages to create the right atmosphere which keeps the dancefloor moving to the rhythms for as long as its needed 🙂 For this article we’ve asked him to select five tracks for us, so… let’s hear them out!

🗨️ When you think of childhood, what’s one of the first tracks that come to mind?

Taking us back to the 90’s rave era 😀

🗨️ What’s one track that never fails to make people move on the dancefloor?

🗨️ Is there a song that never leaves your record bag?

There’s no such thing 🙂

🗨️ What would you listen to on a summer laidback Sunday afternoon?

🗨️ Can you tell us one of your favourite deep house tracks?

If you want to hear him play, be sure to check his facebook page for the posted events 🙂
You can also verify the schedule posted on resident advisor, which you can access by clicking -> here <-

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Behind The Concept – Platforma Wolff

The ‘Behind The Concept’ article series aims to discover some “secret” insights from businesses inside the electronic music community.

For today’s article we have contacted Tudor Gheorghe, also known as Romansoff, for a little talk 😀 He is one of the people behind Platforma Wolff and he agreed to answer some of our questions.

If you want to find out more, well… keep on reading 😉

First of all, we want to thank you for taking the time to help us find out more about ‘Wolff’ 🙂 Can you tell us the story of Platforma Wolff, who is behind this concept, how it all started?

Platforma Wolff started in 2018 as a summer pop-up venue at Expirat Club, where Antonio Nartea, Ana Cazacu and myself hosted parties every weekend with both local and foreign guests. We had this deal with Expirat that they would let us use their upper deck terrace for our parties.

The space was rather limited, it could fit more or less 100 people, but for us it was a perfect way to start and we ended up hosting some really memorable nights up there. We managed to create a community around our events and the word spread quickly, since it was probably the only constant outdoor club night during summertime.

We managed to continue hosting parties there the second year as well, in 2019. That’s when it actually became a popular venue. The brand grew with time and with the people, becoming the most sought after place of that summer.

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic ruined our plans of continuing the string of events we had planned for the summer of 2020. We had all the bookings made and all the dates penciled, but we had to put everything on hold, as everyone else.

Both 2018 and 2019 saw some good parties up there, with notable guests such as Jamie Tiller, Powder, Orpheu The Wizard, Tornado Wallace, Telephones and others, but it was time to rethink everything.

That’s when we started considering our own permanent space. And so it happens, that Expirat Club, who became our partners in the meantime, showed us the place you now know. At first, it was just a disaffected old brick building, but we saw the potential right away. We agreed, one winter day in 2021, along with Expirat Club, to embark on this new adventure and bring that wasted place to life.

Following some nerve wrecking 5 months later, we had the outdoor venue that we always wanted, after a very intense refurbishment and construction process, we opened the terrace on the 6th of August 2021. We hosted parties until October and then we started working on the indoor venue, which we managed to finish and open by Christmas.

Since then, it’s been open every week and we have guests playing our booth every weekend.

We we’re so happy to hear that a new place for electronic music enthusiasts arised in Bucharest. Where did you put the most work in setting up the venue?

Most of my work went into the architecture & design process of the venue, while also being charge of the visual identity of the brand.

You guys have created the “4Hour Club” concept, where one or two DJs come to play for 4 hours during the evening. Who came up with this idea? I also remember from one of our earlier discussions that you plan on opening the terrace when the weather gets warmer.
Do you plan on having daytime outdoor parties? What can we expect from Platforma Wolff in the future?

The 4Hour Club concept came about while talking between us one night at the club. We figured it was the best way to try and make the ongoing restrictions seem attractive by compressing the whole club experience into a given timeframe.

Therefore, come early, adjust your going out habits, be more intense. But of course it’s not something that we want, it’s difficult to compress the club experience as we know it, while still be operational and profitable as a club. We just found a fun concept for people to adapt to the situation.

Regarding daytime parties, we have no intention to do so until early summer, but it really depends on the weather and people’s behaviourism. We might start our outdoor season a bit earlier if the case.

We have some sort of a challenge for you 😀 Let’s say a group of people comes into your bar and asks for something special to drink.
Keep this in mind: what you choose will make them decide if they ever want to visit your bar again or not.
From your selection of drinks, what beverage would you recommend?

I would say….The Mezcalita con Arancia. It’s been a hit since we put it on the menu and it’s something you don’t find in other places in Bucharest.

I know it can be hard sometimes to decide what we liked most, but which one of your past events has left a big impression on you?

It’s pretty tough to name only one event that I enjoyed best, but a personal favourite still is the 6hours back2back by Dragos Ilici and Dan Andrei from last September.

You can listen to a cut of 2 and a half hours from their set here 🙂

If you could pick any artist in the world to invite him for a monthly gig (kind of like a residency).. who would it be? What made you choose him/her?

I would probably go for Floating Points, since he is such a versatile DJ and an amazing selector. None of his nights would be the same.

And for our last question, if you were to choose 3 tracks that define Platforma Wolff’s atmosphere, what tracks would those be?

Fantastic Man – Diaspora

Patrick Cowley – Take a little trip

Gwen McRae – Keep The Fire Burning

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after nine years… march 2022…

It is said that spring brings with it the renewal of life, everything returns to its original state, only not completely the same as before 🙂

While waiting for the weather to get warmer, we thought of some cool activities we would like to do this month!
Before getting into the subject, we feel like we need to share something with you.

You know us, even when the times are dark, we like to keep up a positive vibe, for only love and positivity help us create a better environment.

These past two years have been hard for all of us, but the past two weeks have been even harder for the people of Ukraine.

We will not get to the political side of this story, we only care about the effect this has on the ordinary people of Ukraine.. people like you, like me.. people like us.
It’s hard to imagine what they must be going through, even though they have no fault in this!

We want to offer our help in any way we can, so we are asking for your help aswell!

If you are willing to donate clothes/food/any other items you think can be useful, you can bring them to our shop and we will make sure they will reach the people who really need them in these difficult times!

We would like to thank you all in advance for your kindness

This being said, let’s move on to what March has in stock for us at Misbits 🙂 We will start the month with a giveaway!!!

You can find more information about this, what you have to do and what is the prize by clicking –> here <–

This year also marks the 9th anniversary of our little shop, so what better way to celebrate it than with a special series of livestreams aaand.. an anniversary party! 😀

Yep, you heard that right 😉

The “after 9 years..” concept is a podcast series, a plan of 4 streams from the shop, one for each week of this month.
You already know the drill.. we bring the amazing artists, they bring the music, all that’s left for you to so is to enjoy <3.

The first stream of the series brings back Cristi Cons to the shop, it has been quite a while since he last played in our cosy spot so you can imagine we are very happy and curious to hear what records he has prepared for us. Our dear shopkeeper Ioana (some of you know her as Miss I) will join him, they will play for a hour and a half each.

If you want to find out more about this event, click –> here <–

This month, nine years ago, Ioana’s dream came into being. The electronic music record store this city much needed finally opened!

Now, after all these years, we believe that we should celebrate our 9th anniversary together! (maybe we’ll make a tradition of this)

We’ve teamed up with Club Guesthouse and we are cooking an event which will take place inside their venue 🙂

We will not say more at this moment, think of this as some kind of teaser.
More information will become available as the event will soon be posted online, you just need to be have a little patience! (it will be worth it.. we promise!)

Also, we have a special announce to make for the 8th of March, which you well know it’s the International Woman’s Day.
The girls will have a special 15% discount on all our products! If there’s someone you know who loves vinyl, this is a great opportunity for a gift 😀

We can’t say for sure this is all we have planned for this month, who knows how many more ideas we might come up with?
For now, we wanted to share our plans with you, anything else that might happen… be sure that we’ll let you know!

Thanks for believing in us, it’s obvious we couldn’t do it without you, but even so, we want you to know we appreciate your support.
We wish you all a happy beginning of the Spring!!!! See you at the shop 😉

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Behind The Concept – IntuitFM

We have all found ourselves at that point where we want to hear some nice music while walking, driving, doing chores or just when we want to relax, but sometimes we just can’t seem to decide what to listen.

So long to those times when instead of actually listening to music, we spent time thinking what to listen or just hit play to that same playlist we’ve been hearing all week!

For more than a year, the team behind has been our daily beats provider, and they never fail to deliver 😉

Ever since the guys opened this online radio station, we literally heard it grow more and more with each passing month, they have a very nice playlist which suits every music-head out there looking for something fresh to hit their speakers 😀

Let’s hear a little bit from the “intuits” themselves 🙂

🗨️ I think the question on everybody’s mind is… who’s behind IntuitFM? How did this concept got created?

This project is the fruit of a longstanding friendship between Dan Andrei, Paul Agripa and Serban Goanta (Kozo).

We realised during the pandemic that we are listening to a lot of music that is not club related (all of us being djs) and we thought about making it possible to listen to it anywhere, anytime and most important, to be available to everyone.

🗨️ Listening to your radio we’ve noticed that each part of the day has a playlist with a certain energy to it, depending on the day and time it airs. Who’s responsible for the playlists?

We tried to pinpoint the moods and grooves of the day into different playlists so that we have the appropriate music for that time of the day.

We think of it as circadian but it’s heavily related to our timezone so actually it kinda makes sense only in Europe.

For the rest of the world it’s just good music, we hope, but it can get darker when not need be and vice versa.

Now we decided on bringing other people onboard, so actually these segments will be curated by passionate people who connected with us and fit the mood.

🗨️ New projects always bring with them good and bad things, as it’s natural to happen. What was most challenging about this project?

We tried not to put too much pressure on ourselves and let the things grow organically but technology is (when it shouldn’t) always a pain in the ass.

The most challenging thing was and is dealing with the bullshit ‘songs’ we hear so often from our service providers when things go wrong.

It’s like the track you never want to hear again, but you constantly do.

🗨️ We guess that sometime, in the near future, events will once again be allowed. Do you have plans for any future Intuit FM podcasts/events?

We did a few last summer at Spatiu Tehnic & Albastru, where we had some of our dj friends playing rather downtempo and triphop as opposed to their normal style.

Some of those recordings were made into podcasts which are available on our Soundcloud page.

Of course we would love to do those once again, but we want to bring live electronics acts in the equation also.

The new guys onboard also have some ideas and this could have an exponential effect.

Stay tuned!

🗨️ This last question will be a little imagination experiment. Let’s say it’s the final day before Earth is destroyed, what’s the last record you would listen to and why?

Change by Bugge. Because to build you have to destroy first. Change.

In the end, all we want to say is that we wish the guys alot of luck with their radio project and whatever else they have in stock, we hope this has been a little bit educational for you (our readers) aswell 😀

Now, let’s enjoy together this insane ‘end of the world’ track they shared, it’s worth listening, trust us 😉

Peace! <3

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2021 In A Nutshell

Hello everybody! It’s so good to be back again for another crazy year (or maybe not thaat crazy.. i guess we will see)

The holidays are over but in our heads and hearts we are still dreaming about the good times we had, the amazing Christmas meals we’ve eaten and still missing the smell of the fir trees when entering people’s homes.. i am sure some of you can agree 😀

Going further down the memory lane, 2021 has been an intense year filled with good and bad moments, as all things should be 🙂
For today, let’s take a look back at the good moments this past year gave us.

After a tough recovery from 2020 (where you guys played a major role in helping us keep the gears turning, for which we will be forever grateful <3) we decided we needed to spice things up a little for 2021.
The whole world has changed and it was inevitable we need to change aswell.

Just after a little brainstorming session we came up with the “crafts’n records” concept, a small in-house event series where we collaborated with lots of talented people from various artistic domains.
The idea was simple, gather some like-minded artists, turn on the camera and let the creativity flow!

Every session we had some really nice music bumping through the speakers while something else was cooking up next to the DJs, from origami to paintings to clothing pieces making! (aand yes, we wanted to say “cooking up” because in the October edition we had a pizza fueled event on the terrace, you caught us :D)

We want to truthfully thank each person we’ve worked with in this past year, and not only! Without you guys, the memories would not have been this good!

This past year we also left our cosy little shop quite a few times, joining our fellow record sellers for some cool, monthly week-end record fairs! We feel like it has become sort of like a tradition, and even if we could not attend each and every record fair, we are glad to see growing interest towards vinyl and trully happy to be a part of this community, as we watch it grow bigger and bigger.

For this we only have to thank you, the people who come show interest and support the cause! You will forever have a special place in our hearts <3

All in all, 2021 was not such a bad year after all 🙂 Together with Club Guesthouse and Rhadoo we have organised our first Bucharest party outside the shop. It was the first party of the summer season and it turned out way better than expected!

It was a breath of fresh air all of us needed, the first proper dance after a long period of time in which we were not allowed to party. Everything was in place, the music, the people, the venue, the staff. Overall, it was definitely something we will dearly remember as long as we can <3 We are looking forward for the next one and we know you are too 😉

Twenty-twenty-two is a new chapter, yet to be filled with more moments which will soon become memories, there is still a lot of work to do and lots of records to be sorted 😉
We ask nothing of you, just to believe in us and what we are doing, and to keep supporting us if you want and can <3

Misbits will turn 9 years of activity this year, 9 years of keeping things running purely out of love and passion for music, but also because we like to see that little smile on your faces when you find that long sought record 🙂

Thanks for reading and for believing in us so far <3 We promise we won’t dissapoint!
All being said.. See you at the shop 😉